Saturday, July 14, 2001

Well, I have decided that I really like this tattoo. Kels has been showing me dozens of pictures in her search for a design she likes, and now she has me all excited too :) Her plan is to get it while we're at Simucon next year, and who knows.. maybe I'll get mine then too!

You know, I think I would like to pack up everything I own, other than the necessities, and live with total simplicity for a few months. Then I could bring everything back out, and decide just what I *really* need to keep, and what I can live without. I have a feeling I could live without a LOT.

I'm really excited, because a new opportunity has just knocked. Someone at work told me about a new theraputic riding center that has opened about an hour away, and needs voulenteers. I cant WAIT! I'll get to groom horses and clean tack, and maybe even work with some of the students :) For those of you not familiar with it, theraputic riding programs teach kids with disabilities to ride. Can you imagine not being able to walk, and finally know what its like to have four working legs beneath you? I Cant Wait

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