Sunday, July 29, 2001

When people who have been blogging for 19 and a half hours meet shakespeare.


Crystal: i know this play like.. like something I know really well

Kel: Like the back of your pillow?

Crystal: oh, how I miss my sweet pillows

Crystal: pillows are such sweet sorrow


Kel: A pillow by any other name... is still better than this chair.

Crystal: thou knowest the mask of the blog-a-thon doth paint my face else would a lovely pillow be paint my cheek

Kel: et tu, pillow?

Crystal: rofl

Crystal: Oh pillow, pillow, wherefore art thou pillow!? Deny thy pillowcase and refuse thy bed!

Kel: lol!!

Crystal: or, if thou will not.. be but sworn my pillow and ill no longer be awake

Crystal: arise fair pillow and kill the envious blogger, who is allready sick and pale from lack of mother freakin sleep

Kel: You need to post that.


Crystal: Oh thinkest thou we shall ever sleep again?


Kel: You KNOW the answer to that.

Crystal: Two bloggers, both alike in dignity,

In fair Internetland where we lay our scene

From ancient blogging break to new posts

Where 2pm can not come soon enough

From forth the fatal posts of these two friends

A pair of star-crossed bloggers write their posts

Whose misadventerous piteous overthrows

Doth with their blogging bury their charity's strife

Crystal: i never was good with the death scene

Crystal: thus with a blog.. I sleep


Crystal: Oh happy posting

Oh, wow, where did real MORNING come from?

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