Monday, August 27, 2001

GRRRRRRR. I was just about halfway through an allready-long post when AOL decided to kick me off. The ONE time I open Blogger in AOL instead of IE.. Anyway, this stuff is never quite right the 2nd time around, but I'll try to remember what I wrote..

Kelly says I have to blog, so, well, that means I have to. Tonight I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed, realizing I need to get together $705 for the deposit on my December vacation in about a month, preferably less. Hopefully more like 2 weeks. So, after the necessary period of freaking out, I sat down and broke it down, and figured out a plan of action, and I think I can get together about $300 of it in 2 weeks or so, which is a pretty good chunk, and it makes the big-huge-scary looking figures look a little more do-able. But, you know, if you are feeling nice and want to help me feel a bit less stressed about the whole thing, you can always feel free to click on my Mary Kay link over there --> and buy yourself some new stuff. Come on, you know you need some new mascara, admit it! I'm considering recruiting Kelly's dog to go eat people's lipsticks so that they will need new ones, because he's really good at that. What, me? Desperate? Nah....

I'm not sure if I've told you or not, but we are now down to 1 show a day at work, and its wonderful to get home, thinking its 11 as usual, and see that its only 8. Of course this means my paycheck is similar to that of a 3rd world country sweat shop worker, but that's life I suppose.

I can't wait for "Fall" with its more reasonable temperatures and pretty days, which will hopefully pull me outside and shove me in the general direction of my horse. It seemed long to drive 10 minutes to see him before, but now 20 just plain sucks. I miss riding so much, its been forever. It would feel wonderful to go ride... hopefully soon.

I made a nifty collage tonight, with various designs in the background, mostly in shades of blue. On top of that I pasted words and phrases, including ones like "Wouldnt it be nice to laugh so hard we practically wet our pants?" and "Rebel with a pedicure" and "Think less, Dream More" and of course, "Made from 100% Ugly Sheep".

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