Saturday, August 11, 2001

I found the nicest webpage tonight,, which has almost every one of his works. Ah, what a lovely way to spend the early early morning hours. I'm sick, and wondering if I'm going to make it to work tomorrow, but Van Gogh is making me feel much better. I look at how he sees things, and how I see them, and have this feeling I need to open my eyes. Maybe I should go take a closer look at the stars.

On an unrelated, but then sort of related note, I really like the clothes at Betsey Johnson's website. Perhaps if I'm ever thin and rich I will have her come design clothes for me. Oh, and the spinning roses on there are fun too.

Tonight, I'm listening to "You're the Reason" by Krystal Harris & AJ McLean, "Whole Wide World" by Jennifer Jackson, "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls, "Five String Serenade" by Mazzy Star, and "Flora's Secret" by Enya. They all suit my mood quite nicely. While we're talking music, can I share some lyrics with you? Really, please make me happy and go read these. It will make me very happy. These are all Tim McGraw songs.. I've been listening to his cd while I fall asleep lately, and keep trying to remember to share these with you.

You Dont Love Me Anymore

And an old familiar feeling wraps its arms around the moment...

Please Remember Me

When all our tears have reached the sea, part of you will live in me...

My Next Thirty Years

Now its time to focus on where I go from here, Lord have mercy on my next thirty years

Place In The Sun

Someday I'll find a way to shine, leave all these rainy days behind...

My Best Friend

And it was a feeling I'd never known, And for the first time I didnt feel alone...

Where The Green Grass Grows

...But all of this glitter is getting dark..

Its Your Love

Dancin in the dark, middle of the night...

Grown Men Dont Cry

Years of bad decisions runnin' down her face...

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