Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Oh my. I'm just now reading through my blog-a-thon posts, and I can't believe that was me. I forgive anyone who no longer wants to claim to know me. That was just *scary*. But, then again, how sane would YOU be after 24 hours of blogging? I'm trying to decide if the photos or the haikus were a better representation of my insanity. Looking back, there were some DAMN funny poems in there.

Of course, due to the ways of the world being what they are, I'm actually in the mood to post since then, and blogger is down.

My sleep schedule is still very screwed up. I took my nephew out swimming today (and got a lovely burn, thank you!) and fell asleep around 7 when we got home.. woke up at midnight, its 6:30am and im still going!

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