Friday, August 17, 2001

Okay, I decided I needed to visibly work through my current job options, so I figured I might as well do it here. Here's what I have so far:

Stay @ Dixie-

Pros- I know everyone, everyone knows me, its generally not that difficult.

Cons- I'm sick of it, pay sucks. I dont want to print photos for the rest of my life.

Photo Lab @ Walgreens

Pros- I hear it pays really well, its something I allready know how to do

Cons- Gah, printing ALL DAY? Definite potential to get boring.

Post Office

Pros- Lotsa $.

Cons- Um, potential of "going postal" and becoming one of those disgruntled postal workers you see on TV. And, it doesnt sound that thrilling.

Work @ a Vet's Office

Pros- Something I'm interrested in and kinda know about, I'd learn things that would come in handy, probably pays pretty well

Cons- Sadness seeing sick/dying animals, sometimes very icky work

Camp Creek Ranch

Pros- Working with horses makes me happy :) I would learn a lot, and I allready know the owners, and puts me in a field I know I want to work in the rest of my life

Cons- Dont know what it pays, its *hard damn work* at times, and a half hour drive away

Packing up and running off to work at Disney World

Pros- Um, HELLO, its DISNEY WORLD. Days off would be the best :) Closer to Rich.

Cons- Um, having to move half a country away, I dont like big cities, where would I keep my horse? Would cost a lot to live out there.

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