Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Tonight was one of those nights I could have driven forever, had I not had really good ice cream in the back of my truck. I went out grocery shopping, and was treated to Kenny Chesney being on the radio when I got in-a wonderful start! After that, I flipped stations, and the nifty live version of Hotel California was on! (And no, it was not followed by piano-played styx.) I got to the grocery store, which is my favorite, because it has a nifty organic foods section with all sorts of fun stuff, and low and behold, they had.. SOYNUTS! :) They had several differnt flavors, so I picked out two to try, just because Kelly has never given me bad advice before ;) I haven't tried them yet, so I'll give you feedback when I do.

I took my shopping cart full of stuff out to my truck, and much to my happiness, it was raining. I love rain, especially this sort- the warm summer evening- not raining hard enough to make you want to get out of it, but more go out and dance in it. However, as I was in a big grocery store parking lot, I decided to pass on the dancing. I stowed my groceries in my truck toolbox, and went back in to grab some movies. Much to my amusement, they had a movie called Starry Night in which Van Gogh comes back to life, and is amazed that he's famous (as he only sold one painting in his lifetime!) However, it was checked out, so I'll have to wait on that. It could either be really cool, or really disappointing. We'll see.

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