Wednesday, September 12, 2001

3rd damn time in a row!!!! Every few months, my company has a party called Strive for Five, where they draw out names, and every 5th or so person wins a prize. The last 8 people who havent been called go up on stage, as well as 2 they draw out of the "non-winners" box. Well, tonight, for the THIRD TIME IN A ROW, I was the 3rd one left up on stage. 1st time, Me, Shane, and Becky were up there, I got called down, they split the $1000. 2nd time it was me, Shane, and Megan. I got called down, Megan got the money. TONIGHT, it was me, Shane, and some tech guy named Ricky. As usual, I got called down, Ricky got the money. WHY CANT I WIN JUST ONCE!!???

I may go down in history as "The ALMOST winner". Next time, baby.. 4th time is the charm!

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