Sunday, September 09, 2001

A new co-worker very much pissed me off yesterday. Teela was saying how her mom had gone to Oklahoma for a few days, and she worried about her. This guy asked what part of Oklahoma, and then said "Oh, well there aren't too many Indians out in that part, so nobody should bother her." And he was serious! I was too shocked to speak. What do you say to that? Keep in mind that this guy was like 104 or something, and he actually quit today because being on his feet that much bothered him.

I cant imagine what its like to be a minority that hears people put them down all the time... this is the first time I've heard someone openly put down my culture. What do you say to that? And oddly enough, I feel much more Cherokee than Irish, even though I'm almost equal. Perhaps because I've been exposed to the Cherokee side of things more, and can relate to it, where as I've never been anywhere near Ireland.

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