Saturday, September 22, 2001

A nice little survey, stolen from Fluffy Battle Kitten who stole it from zalary who stole it from Kristine, who stole it from Leesa, who got it from who knows where.

wallet: black day-planner thingey

hair brush: Gotta use a pick or wide-toothed comb on this mane of mine

toothbrush: Green and white one.. I think its made by Mentadent

jewelry worn daily: Silver ring that says "Faith"

pillow cover: White with a celestial design.

coffee cup: I have a few, but my favorite is a HUGE one from the disney store that has Cinderella and says "A Princess shouldnt have to work this hard"

sunglasses: *really* cheap ones from the dollar store, because I always spend way too much on sunglasses and then break or lose them.

shoes: Not wearing any right now.. usually black lace-up Laredo boots, or my new brown Justin boots that I love.

nailpolish: None right now, I need to paint them.

keychain: I have one of those beaded ones with my initials, a horse, a little tropical island, the 3-eyed alien from toy story, and the Disney Cruise line logo.

computer: HP Pavillion

favorite top: You know, I dont think I have a favorite right now. Whatever is clean works for me

favorite pants: Humm, my dark blue wind pants are REALLY comfy, and I like my new jeans, and my rockies, and my wranglers..

shampoo/conditioner: Ion Tea Shampoo, Herbal Essences conditioner.

perfume: Usually none, but im wearing Mary Kay Velocity right now, because I got samples in the mail today and wanted to try it out

car: 2001 silver Ford Ranger XLT. I might trade it for a toyota tundra soon.

television & stereo: Small Zenith TV borrowed from my dad, and Sanyo cd player

telephone: Very plain, utilitarian white one, and also a computer-grey colored cordless

cellphone: The nice free nokia they gave me when I signed up

watch: Blue metallic face on a brown might-be-leather band

computer chair: Big white lawn chair, most likely from Wal-Mart lawn and garden department

keyboard: the one that came with my computer.

printer: HP Something or another

scanner: UMAX Astra 300P. It sucks now, and puts big lines across everything

lamp: Nope, my poor room is illuminated by two lightbulbs overhead, although one always seems to be out.

desk: A lovely brown wooden one my dad got for like $10 at an auction that I have scribbled notes on and painted doodles on with nailpolish.

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