Tuesday, September 18, 2001

..and now that I'm thinking about it, I'm terrified to go to bed, because I have this horrible feeling that in a few hours, Mom will wake me up and tell me a plane has crashed into somewhere, and with my same just-woke-up innosence, I shall ask "Did it hurt the building? Was anyone hurt?" just like I did seven days ago. And it will be a horrible repeat.. sort of like a week long version of Groundhog's Day. And I will cry a lot, and just when things start seeming normal again, I will start to feel the effects in my own city...

I know I'm just being silly. I will wake up tomorrow, and check my mail and get dressed and go see Teela at work and eat cookies with her, and go to my doctor's appointment and everything else. But then again, I had similar thoughts last monday night. Actually, I doubt I even thought that much about what I would be doing the next day.

No warning. Maybe that's what gets to me the most.

After the bomb threat at work Sunday, we had a long meeting about what to tell guests if they asked, and how to handle the press if they should show up. Who knew that Dixie had a bomb threat contingency plan? We were given the option to go home if we felt unsafe, but no one did. However, at various points throughout the day, as we were laughing and having fun, and doing our usual work things, it would occour to me that for all those thousands of people, it was just another day at work. Just like what I was doing now. They were joking with their co-workers just like I was right at that moment. They could be me, and I could be them... and holy crap a walnut just fell from the tree onto my roof making a loud noise and causing me to jump about three feet. Yes, I've been jumpy. Anyway.. I kept thinking about how here I was having a normal day at work.. and they were probably having a normal day at work.. but my day ended with me walking out to my truck and going home.. theirs... thiers ended.

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