Sunday, September 09, 2001

In 81 days, I will be in Florida. Please just keep reminding me that when I get cranky. I'm getting to that phase again where every now and then, something will remind me of vacation, and I just burst out into giggles. But, you would too, if in just 81 day, you were going to be here! And a few days after that, getting to stay here! And then my favorite, the Poly, which I couldn't find a good pic of right now! And then, my 2nd favorite, here! Um, yeah, I'm psyched. I'm especially excited to be staying at the ANimal Kingdom Lodge, because one, its NEW... compared to my well-loved Polynesian, which opened in 1971! Second, its beautiful, and las lots of sitting areas in the lobby, just like the Wilderness Lodge, and Third, there are gonna be giraffes outside my window. How often can you eat breakfast in your room watching zebras outside? YAY! Yes, kids, contrary to what you learned in school, the old South, Africa, tropical islands, and the pacific Northwest are all within a few miles of each other!

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