Tuesday, September 18, 2001

One week ago, I had just gone to bed. One week ago, I had spent Monday evening at Wal-Mart, looking at fish, and at Subway getting a sandwich, and my whole world was very very normal. One week ago, plus about 6 hours, I was woken up by mom, and I lay in bed for at least a half hour listening to the news before I got online to see things. One week ago, the world changed, and.. I dont know what to say. We changed. Things changed. Normalcy changed.

I continue to notice how normal so many things are starting to seem now, as if nothing happened, but then there are the constant reminders, and I'm jerked back into reality. After the first few days, I suppose I stopped being amazed that the mail still came and TV shows were back on and the sun still rose and sat just like every other day. I don't know how to explain it, I'm still yet to regain my grasp on putting things into words.

I thought I could handle it by now, I've been so overexposed to it all, I've seen the image of the plane crashing into the second tower hundreds of times on TV, and millions more in my head. I thought I could handle it by now, but the pictures over at Like An Orb brought back that same horrible, sick feeling.

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