Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Rabi pointed out that Sept. 11, 2001 will probably end up in one of those last chapters of history books that you never have time to get to during the school year. Maybe 20 years from now, my own child will come home from her first day of school, and show me all her new books. And for some reason, I will be compelled to flip to those often ignored last chapters, and there it will be, and the memories and feelings will come rushing back. How will I react? How much will I remember about this past week? And if her class gets to that chapter, and she comes home and asks me if I remember it.. what stories will I tell? Will the first one that comes to mind be that of when I first heard the news? Will I first remember the entire day spent glued to the TV, saying a million times "This doesn't feel real". Will I tell her about when I finally just sat down and cried... tears that paused for a while over the following few days, but didn't stop for quite a while? Will I tell her what it was like to see the faces and read about the people who lost their lives? Or about feeling so unsafe for one of the first times? Or will I tell her about how one local store sold out of 20,000 American flags in 3 days. Will I remember my neighbor's pick-up with the massive flag in the back, and flags on each rear view mirror? Will the stories be about how Disney World held a 10-minute time of silence on the day of prayer & rememberance, and even the kids were quiet? That the Red Cross and hospitals around the country had lines so long for donations, they were having to turn people away, requesting that they come back the next day? Or maybe about things that will unfold in the next weeks. What will I tell her? Or will I just hug her, and quietly say "Yes, dear, I Remember."

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