Thursday, October 25, 2001

How does the time slip by so quickly? One minute its early in the day and I have a long mental list of things to do.. the next I really should sleep soon, and haven't done a thing. I wish I could have a nice discussion with Time, and ask him to explain why he does this. Yes, Time is definitly male, as I dont understand him at all. I wish that for just one week, I didn't have to care about what time it was, and live by my own biological clock, sleeping when I felt the need, never rushing, never having to put off what I wanted to do until later, and by that time no longer be in the mood.

My muse has gone on vacation without me. When will I regain the ability to see poetry in the sky instead of distant balls of burning gas?

Little Betta Fish

Red and Periwinkle Blue

His name is Gatsby

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