Monday, October 29, 2001

I find myself wanting more lately. More everything. I want to read more books and see more movies and be more educated about more things. I want to surround myself with more beautiful works of art, and more people I know I can rely on.

Today is Marathon Monday on the history channel, which I have been watching at work, as my tv at home is..well.. tv-less until we get moved. And oh! The greatness! Today's marathon is Haunted History! Oh joy! Oh bliss! What a reminder of why I love halloween. I've been sitting happily on my broyhill sofa, macadamia nut cookie in one hand, mug of milk in the other, happy as can be watching this lovely Haunted History marathon. I learned that there used to be a tribe of indians in what is now Key West, that were completly wiped out by invaders. They left their bodies on the beaches to rot, and so when the Spanish came, they saw the sand covered in bones, and named it "Cayo Wayso" (Um, okay, thats what it sounded like. The spelling is an absolute shot in the dark) Anyway, they named it something that translated to island of bones. Over time, we have changed the pronounciation to Key West. Apparently, Ernest Hemmingway likes to haunt a famous hotel there, and does not like VCR's. The most disturbing story, by far, was the of this girl in the 1920's who had teberculosis, and the doctor that she was visiting, a man in his 50's (she was 22) fell madly in love with her. After she died, he got permission from her family to have her body moved to a moseleum he had built for her. Then, around 10 months after her death, he stole the body, and began reconstructing it! He made her new skin, and put in glass eyeballs, etc. Eventually the girl's sister began to feel that the body was no longer where it should be, and the doctor finally showed her the reconstructed body. There was a huge public funeral, which 8500 people attended, to see this oddity. They showed the body- EWW EWW!! And then the clincher- doctors performed an autopsy after the body was taken back, and found that the doctor had been having sex with the reconstructed body! EWW EWWWW!!

Oh, history channel, how I love thee. Old keyboard with the volume controls, oh how I miss ye. Computer at work which freezes if I open more than 2 IE windows.. I miss you not.

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