Saturday, October 20, 2001

I have a desk. I dont really have an office, but I have a desk. There is a computer here... and about 28572 other people in this room that are all very loud.

On the good side...

There are free hotdogs, popcorn, and soda constantly.

I have internet access. Yeah, baby.

I can play with the card maker if I get brave. For instance, I could make myself a nametag that said "Exotic Dancer". We'll save that for a day when I'm really bored.

So, please, send me tons of Emails this weekend, so I dont go crazy here.

On the bad side..

I cant EAT, still.. hopefully my medicine will help soon.

When I can eat, I still cant have the hot dogs- they always make me sick, dammit.

I still have NO idea what I'm doing.

Its REALLY loud in here.

I'm gonna go broke with all the time I'm gonna spend on E-Bay.

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