Saturday, October 27, 2001

I left long enough to go to the gas station for something to eat, and ended upw ith a bottle of strawberry kiwi V8 Splash, and a bag of Funyins (Quite the combination, I know). I parked in the parking lot of the hotel next door to eat for a few minutes, and noticed that something was just.. not right.. about my V8. Upon closer examination, I found that it was diet V8. Now tell me, was there really a huge uproar that the original fruit-vegetable juice drink was so unhealthy that the masses demanded a diet version? It tastes very watered down, but hey, its 20 calories in the whole bottle.

And, while I sat there in the parking lot, I began to wonder for no real reason, what would happen in a world when, upon the death of a person, they no longer existed in history. Nobody would remember they were ever around. The wife whose husband had just died would be living alone, and not find it at all out of the ordinary. Hummm... anyone see a sci-fi novel in the making?

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