Sunday, October 21, 2001

I wish I were writer enough to find words to describe the insanity I am immersed in for 10 hours a day on weekends. From the outside, it looks like a little shopping center similar to any other... but our office takes up about half.. and inside this innocent looking facade there is constand 80's or 90's dance music, champagne corks popping almost every hour, bells ringing, tons of helium balloons... its just odd.

Elsewhere in the shopping center is a restaurant, a hardware store, a chiropractor and massage therapist (closed on weekends, dammit), a store full of the really ugly clothes women in their 50's and up tend to wear (The store is actually called Dressin Gaudy), a tanning place, and a lingire/ "adult novelties" store, and a Japanese restaurant. Hummmmm...

I need to stop by Dressin Gaudy because a) I hear they have some jewelry with camels on it and b) what fun it is to laugh at ugly clothes! And the other amusing store...only if Rich is lucky!

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