Sunday, October 28, 2001

Mostly just copied from my email to Kel this morning, because I'm too lazy to reword it...

I was looking through some airline ticket pages today, checking fares for

December, and I came across a $200 one for my Orlando tickets! And that's

including all taxes and everything! Well, after MUCH MUCH debate (apparently

not enough), I bought it.. This is what I ended up with..

Depart: Springfield/Branson Airport: 6pm, Dec.1


Depart: Dallas Freakin Fort Worth:8:52pm

Arrive: Orlando: 18 minutes after midnight.

And on the 13th..

Depart: Dizzy World: 6pm

Arrive: Dallas Double Freakin Fort Worth: 9:03 pm

Depart: DFW- 9:03pm

Arrive: Home-10:53

And oh yes.. the airline? American Airlines. I'm estatic. I probably could have gotten this just as cheap or cheaper through Priceline, and not been flying after 10pm, which would be very nice. On the good side, however, I'll get to see Kelly on my layovers! Yay!

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