Sunday, October 21, 2001

Oh lorrrrrrrrd have mercy on me. I'm on hold with American Express, and I'm getting that "Please continue to hold, your call is important to us" crap in between the muzak. Why cant they just have an automated card activation thingey? This guy on the line sounds SO bored, im tempted to mess with his mind, but I just cant bring myself to do it. He's one of those that doesnt even TRY to make it sound like he isnt reading the same thing he has read over and over for the past six hours. Poor kid.

How has the end of October snuck up on me so quickly? Our Dixie halloween party is Tuesday, and I havent even thought about a costume. Or if I will even go. I love dressing up for halloween, but its far too late to *make* a costume like I did last year, unless I did a really half-assed job. I guess I'll go to some costume places Tuesday, and if I find something really good, I'll get it and maybe go to the party.

Any costume suggestions?

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