Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Okay, Its not pretty yet, but I suppose I can go ahead and link you to our Camel Blog, the collaborative babblings of Kelly, Stormy, Rich, and myself.

Maggie's post over at Fluffly Battle Kitten today cracked me up. Many of you know I have an unusual fear of REO Speedwagon now.

After a doctor's appointment yesterday, and taking medicine last night that made me pass out for several hours, and generally feel like I was run over by a bulldozer (repeatedly), I feel a lot better today, and I just managed to eat a whole sandwich without dying for the first time in a loooong time.

Friday night was Tom and Diana's last night at dixie, so a bunch of us went out to BT Bones for some dinner and dancing. I wasn't planning on getting anything, but they make you spend at least $5 on nights when there is a live band, so I just ordered some cheese sticks and let the guys eat them. As everyone was leaving, Wes and I tried to go play pool in the back room, but people were playing, so we waited. Tom and Diana were ready to go before we got to play, so that one will have to be a raincheck. Overall, it was a great night. Tom and Diana dancing together was really cute, and its one of the few nights I've ever not had my camera and needed it!

I've been working alone at Palace View for the last two days, and so its been a little boring. I need some company, or phone calls, or something! The maintainance guy informed me today that I could go have sex with him if I got bored, but that's a big no. I'll stick with watching TV, thanks.

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