Thursday, October 04, 2001

Well, Lou decided I looked sick today (after about my 100th sneeze), so he sent me home at 10:30, and yup, I got paid for being there until 2. Have I mentioned I LOVE that job? I came home and slept from 11-3, went to Dixie, where Teela let me go home. Have I mentioned I love Teela too? So, now I'm back, and trying to stuff myself with nutrients (yay for V8 Splash!) so I can feel human again. At first I was really excited, because I thought today was the 11th, and I would be home for both the good Friends episode AND the Survior premiere, but then I figured out thats NEXT Thurs. Damn.

I'm starting to worry that I really *am* becoming a work-a-holic. When I got home from Dixie, I had to force myself to lay down for 15 minutes, and then I cleaned my fish and started cleaning my room. Why can't I just relax?

58 days! 58 days till vacation- THANK GOD!

In sad news, my keyboard is dead, so I have sneakily stolen mom's. Muahahahah.

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