Tuesday, November 13, 2001

I forgot to mention that as of yesterday, they finally talked me into going to the Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom on December 2nd, so I will be there with about 110 others from the DIS Boards, and of course, about 19,900 other people.

And while talking to kelly, I remembered this from a few days ago. Proof that I have obvious issues with denial. And have seen certain movies far too many times.

Rich: You're sick!

Me: No Im not!

Rich: You need to go to a doctor!

Me: I dont want to go on the cart! I feel happy!

And a lesson learned. Dont ask me for literary advice when Im on antibiotics...

Kel: Decide what I should write my one act play about.

Crystal: how about this guy and this girl that are from feuding families that end up dying because they cant be together?

Kel: Hm, you may have something there!

Kel: That sounds very original!

Crystal: thanks!

Crystal: OR you could do this one where this girl wants to date, but she cant until her older sister does, but her sis is kinda a.. oh, whats a good word for it? a shrew?

Kel: WoW! You are really good at this!

Kel: Uhm.

Kel: Shaun and I were on Jerry Springer? (See, KEL reads my blog the second I post! Hah! Thats why she is my favorite!)

Crystal: OR you could write one about a mermaid that falls in love with a human so she trades her voice for legs with this sea witch..

Kel: I have no idea where my desk is.

Crystal: and ummmmm.. check under your computer

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