Thursday, November 22, 2001

I just learned that our local university has a whole department for Fruit Science. The best part is, the first class on the list, FRS 121 is Introduction to Wine. And if you get lucky enough, you can go to the State Fruit Experimentation Station! Please, please, go read this class list and laugh at them like I did. Its simply that I have this mental picture...

College Student A: Hey! Joe! Are you coming to the party with us?

College Student B: No, dude, I have to study for this exam in "Selected Topics in Fruit Science"

College Student A: Oh, MAN! I've heard about that one! The section on mangos is killer, man.

Ready for the saddest part? I now find myself sitting here wondering if I really should know more about fruit.

My parents have decided to go out for Thanksgiving dinner, seeing that we still havent replaced our stove after the whole 3am fire incedent, and microwave dinners simply do not a Thanksgiving make. I could have gone with them, I suppose, but sitting in restaurants watching other people eat is really starting to get to me, so I opted to stay here at home with my bowl of tomato soup, of which I have actually managed to consume an entire two spoonfulls.

Going through the furniture in the living room today, deciding what we were going to keep and what we were going to replace, I informed mom that the chest of drawers (yes, in the living room. Dont ask) had to stay. Its simply the best, you see. It has two cat stickers I put on it when I was about 4, because I liked them so much I wanted to put them somewhere I wouldn't lose them. It also has two large marks on the middle drawer, each about the size of my hand. These are from when, once again around the age of 4, I was in Mini-Martha Stewart mode as usual, and was making halloween decorations. I dont remember the exact process, but I was making lovely ghosts out of kleenex or toilet paper or something.. and this process involved getting it wet, pressing them against the drawer, and leaving them there to dry. Think "drink without a coaster" stain multiplied many times. I still have the ghosts somewhere, too, by the way. They have gum wrappers for arms.

You know you have been home sick too long when you start reading about other people's sims.

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