Wednesday, November 07, 2001

I'm going to go crazy if I dont get some normalcy around here soon. I feel like I live in a snow globe that someone has shaken up, just to see everything float around, and I'm trying desperately to get everything back the way it was. I hate moving.

I think that this is a fabulous idea. Years from now when I have a kid, I want to keep a good record for them, so when they get older, we can remember the moments of their childhood together. I find myself taking mental note of all these things I want to do for my kids when I have them. I suppose its time to start another list.

Terrifying moment of the day: Seeing that I'm on mom's computer, I dont have my nice file of "Nifty Blog Stuff", so I had to go to my blog to look up how to do that footnote. Well, I put in the URL, and got "That Page is Not Found". Thankfully, I had typed cowigrlup. Heh.

Today, I learned that everything I thought I knew about math is very wrong. I learned this at the Guess? store trying on jeans. Now, first of all, when they get all technical and list jeans sizes with the waist size instead of normal sizes, I'm confused to begin with. I knew my waist was somewhere around 31, but you never know, so I grabbed the 32's and 34's, just in case I was fatter than I felt today. I went in, and tried on the 34's first, and as expected, I could pull them out a few inches in front of me. Handy place to store a drink, but not quite the fashion statement I was looking for. So, I tried on the 32's. They were skin tight! Now tell me.. 34 and 32 are only 2 inches apart, RIGHT? So why was there about 6 inches of difference? I am now discontented with Guess, because they really, really confused me.

My latest "Gotta have it in the fridge all the time" item is sparkling juice. Right now I have a sparkling Burgundy that is wonderful. However, the Red Cabaret is atrocious! Sparkling peach is to die for.. pear is good.. sparkling cider is in the fridge, freshly purchased and waiting to be tasted. AND, did you know they have chocolate cream Oreos now!? God really does love me.

On a rather sad note, although Mike may live, Splash, my lovable goldfish, no longer does. So far he is the only casualty of our move, although I think my monitor may be added to the list.. its still not working. I did, however, get 2 lovely new goldfish. One is huge- orange and white.. the other is the tiny 38 cent variety, and is orange and black. He actually has a ring of black around his lips, giving him the appearance of wearing black lipstick. Photos coming soon, please help me decide on names for them!

While searching for new paint colors for my bathroom, I found a lovely light purplish pink shade called Honesty. If Honesty is a pastel purple-pink.. that really messes up my Wildflowers poem! (There is a reference to the color of honesty, for those of you who arent majoring in Crystal Poetry this semester)

You know those commercials where they say yada yada yada.. "They dont take American Express! Visa. Its everywhere you want to be." Well, I found my way into one last week. I went to the supermarket for the essentials (cheese, crackers, and sparkling grape juice.. dinner of champions!), and when I got to the checkout counter, the woman leered at me and said "We dont TAKE American Express!" in a very nasty tone that makes me highly suspect she works for Master Card or something. Luckily I had my bank card with me, but really! What self-respecting grocery store doesnt accept money in any form you are willing to give it to them?! On an amusing note, this particular grocery store gives you coupons on the backs of your reciepts. This time, I got one for $1 off one of these cheap-o Mexican Microwave Dinners I get occasionally. However, they only cost 99 cents. I have to worry about a food the company is willing to PAY me a penny to eat. Hummmm... This made me decide that all homeless people really need access to a mircrowave. Get a free microwave dinner, PLUS they give you a penny! The homeless guy with a flare for enchaladas dream come true!

We still dont have TV, so I rented 4 movies tonight. I'll let you know how they are.

Conversations with Kelly:

Kel: What colour??

Crystal: we live in America

Kel: Uhm, yes.

Kel: We do.

Crystal: color.


Kel: Theatre!

Crystal: idiote!

Kel: rofl!

See what happens when I cant blog for a week!?

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