Monday, November 26, 2001

I'm really, really pissed off at Wal-Mart. My mom has worked there since I was 16, and the rule has always been that employees, their spouses, and kids that live at home get 10% off. Well, today I'm checking out, mom's handy dandy discount card in hand, and the bitch at the checkout counter asks how old I am. I tell her, but that I live at home. She asks if I'm in school, I say no, and she says I cant use the card because I'm not in school. Um, HELLO, I havent been in school in over 2 years, and nobody has ever said a thing. So, now I'm really pissed off at Wal-Mart in general. What tightwads. I'm REALLY tempted to take everything back and tell them I'm to go buy it at K-Mart instead. I still might. What kind of company is THAT damn cheap that they have to get so picky about discounts?

And, since Kel stole the part of the conversation was gonna post, here's more amusement ;)

Kelly: I'd become a nun, if it were't for that whole no sex thing.

Kelly: And uh, no material items thing.

Crystal: yeah, all that stuff

Kelly: And, well, the whole nun thing.

Kelly: But man, if it weren't for that...

Crystal: yeah, the whole nun thing REALLY screws up the idea of becoming a nun

Kelly: It does. The nuns need to get a better PR person.

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