Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Look at me, home from work. Im amused that after going more than a month with no days off, I take one day off, and it turns in to nearly a week. Lou sent me home from work yesterday because I looked miserable, so I went to the chiropractor. I mentioned my throat hurt, so he took a look at it, and said he was pretty darn sure I had strep throat. Greeeeat. There was also a whole deal with getting my ears to drain, but ill spare you the details on that one. He set me up an appointment at a doctor's office I've never been to, seeing that recently I've been pretty fed up with my doctors. He sent me off, insisting that I call and let him know how things went. It was so nice to have a doctor that actually knew what he was doing, but was genuinely concerned for me too.

Off to the doctor. Apparently this guy's been working at the hospital for a while, and decided he wanted his own practice. The interresting part is that its located in my old dentist's office. The normal doctor wasnt in, so I mostly just saw nurses. Now, by this point I was not a very happy camper. 19 days until my trip, and I was sick. I had to miss work, when I really really needed the money. And, hey, I was really sick, who can be happy about that? One of the nurses looked at my throat for a while and said they were going to do that giant q-tip of death strep test. I couldnt hold back a few tears, because I'd been crying most of the day, and I really detest even the mention of any sort of tests. The nurse could obviously tell that i wasnt exactly having a fabulous day, so she talked to someone else, and they decided that since my throat looked so bad, I needed the antibiotics anyway, so they were going to skip the test and just give me the drugs. Thank God!

While I was waiting to pay, the first nurse came over and was hugging me and said she could tell I was just physically and mentally exhausted, and was just SO nice! I really like this new office.

They think I should take the rest of the week off, but Im gonna try taking off today and tomorrow, and see from there. I'll probably be spending ungodly amounts of time at my computer, so please send me lots of email, and maybe some chicken soup. And especially send me links to your blogs if I dont know you, because Im gonna need some stuff to read!

On another note, for anyone who has been living under a rock, an American Airlines jet crashed in New York yesterday morning. I was just starting to feel confident about flying again. Things were going to be ok. I leave in 18 days, spending over 4 hours on planes. American Airlines planes. I'm not going to let fear keep me from experiencing life, but it really does darken the mood a bit. Kelly is flying in just over a week. There are no words for my worry. All this time, its been strangers on these planes. I have so much sympathy for those lost and their families. But now, its my best friend and myself, doing something that just a few months ago millions of people did daily without a second thought, but that we now worry about to no end. Terrorism is certainly named appropriatly.

And just because I cant end on a bad note, I had the funniest dream last night that Kelly and Shaun were on Jerry Springer.

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