Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Stockings are the devil.

Today I went shopping for shoes to wear on vacation. I went to every single shoe store in every single outlet mall in town (Which is roughly 34523). I found no decent sneakers, although I found some fabulous calf-high black boots I really wanted, but since those were not the object of my shopping mission, I had to pass. Near the end of my shopping, one of my black thigh-high stockings decided its true calling in life was to be a knee-high, and so it began its journey. I felt like an idiot, standing with my leg on a bench outiside the Discount Bible store, trying to casually pull it back up where it belonged. And so I continued, but the stocking would not be kept from its dream. I finally gave up and stopped in Wal-Mart to buy a garter belt to hold the darn things up. So, now I'm walking through the mall, and my stocking just falls down around my boot. People are staring. I duck in the restroom to put on the garter belt and just end the war when, in that lovely 3 square foot box, I discover that I have NO idea how to attach stockings to a garter belt. After a few minutes of fiddling with it, I give up, peel them off, and head off to face the world with bare legs. There are days I really do think the world is out to get me!

We are supposed to get 5 inches of snow by tomorrow morning, which means work tomorrow is a big maybe. I nearly fell to the floor screaming "NO!" while watching the weather channel today. Snow 4 days before vacation is not in my plans, but the nice lady on the weather channel promises me it will be gone by Saturday.

Four Days. In four days, I still need to:


*Get Shoes

*Clean ALL the fish, and teach mom how to feed the bettas

*Make final plans with Nate

*Figure out where I am meeting up with everyone for MVMCP

*Finalize airport plans with Kel

*Regain sanity

Think there's hope?

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