Monday, November 19, 2001

The tooth is GONE! Last I saw it it was laying on my dentists counter, looking rather guilty. I didnt bother to sayy goodbye, as our relationship had not been a good one.

Early this morning, mom woke me up for my dentist appointment. She wasnt sure if they were actually gonna pull them or not. I thought that if they werent gonna do it, a nap sounded like a much better idea. However, when they heard my face was swolen (I somewhat resembled Popeye, a one eye was almost swolen shut) they said to bring me in.

The scene: the waiting room. Enter Crystal and her mom

Receptionist: Ooh, you're...

Me: Crystal

Receptionist: Swolen!

And so I half-slept in the waiting room for about 20 minutes in the waiting room, and then they took me in to the chair, where I waited about 20 MORE minutes. Its NOT fun laying there all alone having no idea whats happenin. So, the dentist comes in and makes the ever-so-astute observation that I dont look very good. Smart guy. He then proceeds to tap rather hard on my teeth to find out which one hurts the most. I guess he is deciding this by how loud I scream. He comes down to the 2 finalists in the most pain, and whacks on them again. Im laying there thinking "Dear lord! This place is called GENTLE DENTAL!" So he finally looks at me and asks if I want it out. I think my response was somewhere around "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD YES YES YES!" They ask if I want the gas. Hell yeah. They hook me up, and a few minutes later, I can feel them turn it up to proportions that would make an elephant woozy. "Can you feel the gas at all?" they ask. I nod. They are very smart in choosing this time when I am OUT of it to do the ol' novcane injections. I did not feel it. Im serious.. I felt them doing it, but I felt no pain, even though I KNOW they did one right in the roof of my mouth which usually hurts more than just about anything else. So, im starting to think this is really cool when I go NUMB. I cant feel a damn thing. I must admit, I kinda panic. I do things like open and close my eyes or move my hands just to make sure I'm alive. They being me back to a semi-conscious state long enough to get me to sign a release that allows them to take my tooth out. So, lets review. I'm half blind from a swolen eye, and can hardly remember my name im so full of gas, and they want me to SIGN something? I manage, and its back under for me. I gaze distantly at the TV screen and think I am really losing it when I see a 3-headed dog. Then I realize its Harry Potter stuff. NOT a good thing to watch when you are trying to determine your sanity. I hear/feel them turn up the gas again, so I know its about to get good. This is where it felt kinda like a root canal for a sec.. I felt them go WAYYY up the root of my tooth with.. SOMETHNG, and I made numerous "Ouch ouch!" noises. This is when I am thinking those panicky thoughts of "OMG, they are PULLING my tooth out! I do NOT want this done!" So, it stops, and even though I cant really hear, I understand Amy (Did I mention that my hygenist used to work with me at dixie?) telling me I can bite down now, and so I do. Now I lay there, alone and confused. A few minutes later, Amy comes in and sits me up, and takes off my gas. I'm thinking "Gheez! Cant we get on with it!?" She says I can go. I pull the gauze out of my mouth, and oh yes, its quite bloody. She gives me replacement. I somehow mumble through a swolen mouth full of gauze "That was IT?" Now given, it was not fun at ALL, but DAMN that was quick. They tell me to go set up an appointment for after I get back from vacation, but I still have no idea where I am. Dad comes to pick me up, and voila, I'm home. Now, I really dont know if I blacked out or if it was really THAT quick, but my mouth is allready much less swolen than before, and hurts much much less! Life is good, and it should feel normal soon. Im going to be human again!

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