Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Things my Girlfriend and I have argued about is a most amusing list. Rich's would be considerably shorter. I wish I had a list of "Things Kenny & I have argued about" and "Things Kelly and I agreed on" could be two of the longest lists known to man. ACK! Here I go with the list making again! Rich laughed at me when I whined that my packing list for December was stuck on my computer. I dont know if he laughed because it was allready done, or because it existed. OH! And speaking of which, MY COMPUTER IS ALIVE!! Ever since my monitor died last week or so, I havent been able to get mom's monitor to work with my computer, but today after over an hour of time spent at the HP support site, playing around with display settings, and restarting about 500 times, it finally works! I am rejoicing.

Animal Planet quote of the day-"Crocodiles go through a several hour courtship called "foreplay". In other words, the male is actually nice to her for a few hours before breeding!" I really need to start updating my quote page again. I've been watching Animal planet pretty much non-stop since we got our satelite, which I'm sure has its good and bad qualities. Emergency Vets is the best, and not just because Im madly in love with Dr. Andy (Sorry honey, really! But but.. he's just out of vet school and... yeah, I'll go stand in the corner now. And would you believe I couldt find a single picture of him on the net? Psh, some age of technology!). I feel so incomplete without my daily dose of Emergency Vets and Wildlife Rescue, and Moorpark 24/7, and Total Zoo and Keepers and Vet school Confidential and Crocodile Hunter..well, those arent all on every day, but you get the point. I DETEST the Jeff Corin Experience.. that man is annoying. He and the host from the Funniest Animals show should...well.. be gotten rid of in some dreadful manner. Sorry, Im just too sick to be creativly violent.

Reason why im happy to be back with my computer #3565- I can open that 35th IE window with no fear if it crashing. Goooood computer.

Vacation is now 17 days away, and Im filling little details into my schedule, adding names and feeling like quite the social butterfly. Im glad I have a lot of people to meet up with, because Im really afraid that I will be end up by myself for a while and have NO idea what to do. I'm sure it will provide some amazing time for taking photos, and really noticing things I never have.. but Im still afraide I will get lonely!

In case you're terribly curious, here's the temporary schedule:

Dec. 1- Leave here at 6, Hopefully see Kelly during my layover, Arrive really really late

Dec. 2- Sleep in, Christmas Party @ Magic Kingdom @ 8pm with about 120 people from the DIS boards

Dec 3- Epcot, hopefully joined by Katie. There's a live taping of Who Wants to Millionare at MGM, so I may try to get tickets to that. Just in honor of Daves Regis Story.

Dec. 4- Keys to the Kingdom tour at MK, perhaps MGM at night, where I will most certaily get in to the hot seat at Millionare.

Dec. 5- Check in to the lovely Animal Kingdon Lodge, Backstage Safari at 8:45 am, Lunch at Rainforest Cafe, Lodge Tour & Storytelling @ the lodge firepit at night.

Dec. 6- Day to relax on my balcony and watch the giraffes and zebras and such. Maybe do something..

Dec. 7-Check in to the Polynesian.. my favorite place on earth!

Dec. 8- Have room service deliver some Tonga Toast, and enjoy it out on my balcony, overlooking my favorite place on earth. Then, take the monorail to MK. Hang out for a while, and then take a boat over to check in to my well loved Wilderness Lodge.

Dec. 9- Sea World with Katt, if she still loves me enough to drive!

Dec. 10- RICH comes to see me! Oh joy and rapture! Drag him around Epcot, and watch Illuminations that night.***

Dec. 11- Happy birthday to me! Magic Kingdom with Rich.. maybe go get a massage at one of the spas or something.

Dec. 12- Say bye to Rich :( Find something to take my mind off him leaving

Dec. 13- Last day! Finish up anything I havent done and really want to do.. make feeble attempts at stuffing everything I have into my suitcases and end up buying extra bags to carry things home in. Hopefully catch up with Kel on my layover again.

Vacation is such hard work.

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