Thursday, December 20, 2001

I am so, so very cold. Not just the "put on a sweater and you will be ok" kind of cold. I've done everything today to try to warm up, including turning up the heat at work to "really damn hot", and sitting so close to the fireplace that I thought my hair was going to catch fire. Nothing worked. I want nothing more right now than to curl up in my bed, particularly with a certain someone by my side, and just take a very nice nap. Of course, I have to work tonight at Dixie. Oh dixie, how I detest thee, let me count the ways..

So, so, so very tempted to just not show up. I only have 4 more days, let them fire me. But then, there are still a few goodbyes to be said. It should be an easy night, right? I will be able to tolerate everyone, right? Please say I will.

I'm still a bit concerned that I may have mono. I'm tired ALL the time. Of course, being me, I refuse to go get a blood test, because that would involve needles. Bad, bad.

Work at the ol' cookie place has been fabulous. We're very slow, so I spend hours on end listening to good music, reading by the fire, eating cookies, and writing. We have a lovely 3-cd changer there now, so when I see or hear people coming, I just hop up and switch from my cd to one of the christmas music ones in the other two slots. I cant wait for the day when the CD player malfunctions, and we hear something like this..

(Bing Crosby...) "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..." (cd-messing up noises) (Not Bing Crosby) "NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN!". That would almost be as amusing as what happened the other day. I was playing with the doorknob to the pantry, and it came off, Oops. I just kinda stuck it back on until I could get a maintainance person back over. So, a few minutes later, one of the sales people is in on a tour. She walks up to the pantry, and it goes a bit like this.

Sales Lady: "And this is one of my favorite features..." (She pulls on the doorknob and it breaks off in her hand. She just stands there kind of staring at it for a second)


On a completly unrealted note, Kelly and I had one of the most amusing conversations ever last night, and I simply cant post it, due to a terribly personal nature. So just pretend there's a really, really funny conversation posted here. Thanks.

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