Thursday, December 20, 2001

I feel so very guilty! I completly forgot to tell you that I got a new betta! He is mostly blue and green, but his little dangely things in the front that look like arms are bright red. Therefore, his name is Irwin, after my beloved Crocodile Hunter. He is beautiful and very happy in his new home. Fig is doing MUCH better, as in he has traded in laying flat on top of the water to actually acting like a fish again. Its a Solstice Miracle!

I have my tree almost finished now. I can't find the cute Jessica rabbit ornament I bought in Disney World, but once I do, the tree shall be complete. I like Jessica- she's not bad, she's just drawn that way! ;-) And of course, she's a redhead.

Atop the tree is a pretty Cinderella's castle ornament, which I promptly dropped when I tried to put it on, breaking off 3 of Cindy's towers. Oops. Superglue, however, does wonders. Another favorite is the 3-piece monorail ornament that lights up and talks. Love it! Can you tell I went a bit overboard in the disney Christmas ornament store? I also have an adorable one with a little snowman-looking guy made out of marshmallows sitting in a mug with a grahm cracker and some chocolate that says "I love smores!", Eeyore on a snowflake, 2 epcot ornaments, and an Animal Kingdom one. Pictures soon. Really.

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