Sunday, December 16, 2001

Stuff I did on Vacation: (aka the trip report isnt gonna be done for ages, so maybe this will tide you over)

*Petted with a white rhino

*Went *underneath* Cinderella's Castle

*Fed dolphins, sting rays (squishy!) and sea lions about $1324 worth of dead fish

*Learned that in general, Norwegan men are hot.

*Spilled a LOT of drinks. Oops.

*Ate a LOT of brownies.

*Partied with Buddha

*Watched Nate do some serious Bootie Shakin

*Rode a stick horse around a crowded room

*Heard some lovely Disco music

*Played with a Python (of the non Monty variety)

*Bonded with the chick at my resort's fast food place that resulted in me getting free breadsticks.

*Watched giraffes from my balcony

*Learned the difference between Greater Kudu and Bongos, and therefore stopped saying "There's a...a...THING outside my room!"

*Ate cheesecake for breakfast one more than one occasion

...and wouldn't you just love to know what else! ;-) Trip report coming sometime in the next 4325 months.

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