Saturday, December 22, 2001

There are days when all the pieces just seem to fall into place like clockwork. They're certainly a nice break from the usual chaos.

Today as I stepped in to St. Louis Bread Co., on a mission to get lunch for myself and Lou, a little boy who looked around seven said "Hello there!" I thought he was probably selling candy for boy scouts or something, and was mentally preparing what to say when he said "Would you like to see a lego spaceship model and have a free brochure?" Eeh? And so, the boy showed me his lovely little spaceship, which he had in fact built out of legos. He then handed me my "free brochure", which was a brown napkin on which he had written "SPACE", and drawn pictures of his space shuttle. All this time, his parents were laughing a LOT at the next table. I kept the brochure, and I shall scan it for you soon. It made my day :)

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