Friday, March 30, 2001

Well, its true. Happy Meals really do make you happier. About ten minutes ago, I was sitting here feeling as though I had been hit by a huge truck, and cursing the fact that I had to wake up. Now I feel..well, somewhat better than that. Maybe hit by an Amish horse and buggy. The question is, when do we stop being happy about happy meals because of the cool toys, and start getting excited because its food for $2?

Thursday, March 29, 2001

I really wish someone could somehow invent a camera that could capture more than the image of a moment. To somehow encompass all the sounds and smells that combine to make it so awe-inspiring that cant resist snapping a picture, even though you know the print that comes back will never do the moment justice. Wouldnt it be lovely to be able to own tangible memories like this?

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Have I mentioned how much I hate that commercial for the Shirley Temple videos? Ugh. Quoth my friend Dave, "And if I hear.."Animal crackers in my soup, monkeys and rabbits..." ONE more time I'm gonna do...something!!!"

I'm dying my hair right now- dark brown. Its kind of scary how you arent supposed to keep hair chemicals mixed or they will blow up. And this is the stuff im putting on my hair?

Oh, and a random question. I drive a Ford Ranger XLT. Can anyone tell me what the XLT stands for??

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Its such a typical Tuesday night. I'm sitting here watching tv, reading blogs, and eating a horrible excuse for a dinner while my dad sits in the living room watching an old western full of people he went to acting school with.
Have you everjust had to get some time alone, and soon found yourself at the lake on a dock with a notebook, watching geese? Yes, thats where I'm at and its great. Fishermen are calling it a day, and making plans to return early in the morning, and the water is hypnotizing me. The lights along the dock are starting to light up the streets, and the geese seem to be holding a very loud party on the shore. Its a photographer's dream.

Driving home, I noticed that the hiking trails by my house were closed. It was 6:24. Yesterday, they were still open at 6:18. So what time do they close? 6:21?

In other odd coincidences, I just noticed that I still have AT&T Worldnet connection on my computer. I remember temporarily signing up for this months ago, but now that I think about it, I don't remember canceling it. However, it hasn't been showing up on my bill. Hummm...
Okay, so I spent a little more than I should have, but really, everything I got was a necessity.. or an impulse buy. The best thing I acquired is a new dark, dark purple notebook- almost black, that I can carry in my truck to write things down as they come to me. This is something I've needed for a long time, because I get the best ideas while driving, or out feeding my horse, etc. I also picked up a lovely three-pack of pens- purple, blue, and pink. These will make the writing much easier. Do you really care what else I got? Not really I'm sure. But I did pick up new haircolor. Anyway, all of today's blog was written or outlined in the New Notebook.

While driving out to feed Emmett, everything felt so very artificial. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was an extra, driving along in a movie set where even the sunshine was being pumped in artificially from some hidden source. The perfect soundtrack was playing from my truck's cd player.. Born Into Kaos's Fadeaway, and a Ben Lee song... the one that says "A lot goes on, but nothing happens.." I don't know what its called, but knowing most of the titles of Ben Lee songs, that never have anything to do with the song itself, its probably called Poodle that Ate Connecticut, or something like that.

I feel so alive out in Emmett's pasture. Outside, there are government scandals, and bills and taxes and falling spacecraft, but in that little pasture, there is only the wind trying to turn the pages of my notebook, and the quiet slurping noises of my horse drinking. Did you know my horse is a redhead? Anyone who has read Still Life with Woodpecker will understand this on a different level. He is a redhead from his long equine eyelashes to the tip of his tail. Well, that is a lie. His tail actually has 170138 colors in it, give or take one or two. He is proofreading this as I write, and chewing on the paper, and dropping hay on me as he chews it. He is perfect. From my view at his feet, sitting on an overturned feed bucket, he is every bit as noble and majestic as any creature to ever live. And as I am thinking this, he throws hay in my face.
While Emmett was eating, I ran my hands over him, as I always do. Its a sort of quick physical checkup to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary, while at the same time being a loving gesture. He felt so warm and alive, and suddenly, everything was real.

Sunday, March 25, 2001

I feel so lost right now, its odd and sort of funny. We only had one show today, so we were all off by 8pm. However, we're all so accustomed to not getting off until 11, none of us were hungry! So, we all stood around in wardrobe for the longest time, discussing where we could go eat, but nobody was hungry, and nothing sounded good, so we all elected to just go home. Let me tell you, that is the strangest feeling, to be pulling into your driveway at 8pm, having come straight from work. Now I just have no idea what to do!! I'll probably find something to eat later on, but I really dont know what to do!
Okay, so this going out every night is kind of addicting, I admit it. However, im coughing because I've been sick, and that mixed with cold air and a smoke-filled club really isn't helping. Its really sad that
Planet Branson is the only place to go after work gets out, because everything else is closed. We had fun though- danced a little, sat a lot, even played a game of pool with Carrie. We took a ton of pictures, so when the printer at work finally starts working again, I'll add them to my photo page.

I wish more of my friends had webpages, so that I could link to them when I mentioned them. Come on people!

Saturday, March 24, 2001

I'm so sad, I just got home and my cat had a baby bunny in her mouth :( I managed to help it get away once, but she caught it again. At least I tried.

I'm surprised, I actually went out after work tonight. The sad thing is, there is only one club in the town I live in, and its the only thing around here open after midnight, so you see tons of people you know there. The good thing is that the lady at the door is my friend's mom, so we get in free~!

Friday, March 23, 2001

Can you believe all this time and I still havent named my guppies? There is a male and a female..Anyone have Suggestions?
Did I mention im going to
Disney World in just 39 days!? And I get to see Kenny Chesney in just 35 days? Can life get much better???

I went out to feed Emmett in my pajamas, and it was just a beautiful day! I skipped across the feild to get his water, and took a ton of pictures. The sun felt amazing! There were 5 guys in front of me at a stop light, also in a Ford Ranger, who all rocked back and forth at the same time, causing the truck to sway. I couldnt help but crack up. It looks like the sun is putting a lot of people in a good mood! I'm going to have to wear my hair in braids today! Its too bad I have to spend the rest of this beatuiful day in a photo lab! But, ill be in DISNEY WORLD in 37 days, so life is goooood.
Oh, and I think im going to see if Amanda wants to go to Florida with me. The more the merrier, right?
Today is going to be a fabulous day. Its allready in the mid fifties outside, even before noon. Hooray for spring!

Blogger must have been hungry last night, because it ate my post where I told you all about how the printer at work broke yesterday, and I spent the day cleaning the photo lab, and then sitting around doing glorious nothing. We took pictures of each other and goofed off, and ate soup and biscuits, and life was perfect. I wonder if its going to work today! I suppose I'll call Carrie in a few hours and find out.
(Later Thursday Night)
I cleaned, took a shower, THEN read.
(Semi-late Thursday Night)
Well, I have tried to blog several times, and who knows if they will ever show up. I wonder what they do in the time between when Blogger eats them and the time they finally make their appearance on my webpage. Have little blog parties, perhaps? Sadly, im not quite up to fighting with blogger anymore tonight, so im going to peel off my boots, and go curl up with "Even Cowgirls get the Blues", and then either clean, as I really should be doing, or sleep, which I could also use. Humm, tune in next time to see what I chose, as im sure you will be on your seat waiting to know.
First, lets see if blogger is working today...

Thursday, March 22, 2001

Blogger is not playing nice tonight. It just ate my whole long post, and I dont remember what I said at all. Evil, evil.

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Going through some old papers tonight, I found college amission letters. I probably am the owner of about a billion sheets of paper who all start with "Congratulations on being accepted to..." or "We are proud to award you a scholarship of..." and so on. It hit me suddenly, that if the Western Equestrian Program at University of Findlay hadnt been full when I finally decided to go there, I would now be in my fourth semester there. I would be living in Ohio, doing Ohio things. I would probably be a much, much better rider than I am now. But, I wouldn't have the past two year's worth of memories, which have been two of the best years of my life. I wouldnt have Emmett. How could I possibly be alive without my sweet horse? I cant imagine having some other horse. Wow. I wouldn't know any of the people I have met at Dixie. I probably wouldnt have this desire to be a trick rider, and not even know what roman riding was. I wouldn't know Tiffany. I wouldn't have these great scars on my arm from the most memorable trail ride of my life. I would have never printed a roll of film. I wouldn't know Carrie. I would have no idea what color developer was, let alone how to mix it for a printer. I would have never danced barbecue. The words "Kick up your feet, dance to the music" would not make me start dancing without thinking about it. I wouldn't know Kenny. Oh my gosh, I would probably never have jumped on horseback. Therefore, I wouldn't have that great story about the time I fell when Emmett was learning to jump. I wouldn't remember the time the goat threatened suicide during the nativity scene at work. I wouldnt laugh at the memory of Carrie falling into the wall while trying to be cool. I would never have worn reindeer antlers. Right now, I would be enrolled in classes called Basic Colt Training 2, and Physiology of Equine Reproduction. I wouldn't be going to a Kenny Chesney concert next month. I might not even know who Kenny Chesney was. Would I know who I was? Would I be at all like I am today? Too bad I can't have a Christmas Carol-like moment and see what I would be like. What if the me that would have been could meet the me that is? What would this me think of that me? And vice versa? Oh, now my brain is lost in what might have been, and for the first time, really taking in what is.

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Why is it that I never figure out a good use for my days off until near the end of the last one? I did nothing but sit around my house and read for the first two, and now on the third, I suddenly have a million things I want to do tomorrow, but I know I cant, because I have to work. Silly, silly me!

I went on a little web-surfing adventure today, looking for some cowgirl stuff for when I redesign my website.

In the process, I found this so-called "western hat store". Scary!

Oh, and I came across

I tried to find some good trick riding links, but there really arent many. Just what is it in my blood that makes me want to hang upside down off a horse?
Oh, and online mini golf is far too much fun!
Oh, it is so definitly spring. Its beautiful outside, with warm temperatures and birds discussing whatever it is that birds have to talk about. The sun has decided it just cant cut it on unemployment anymore, and has come back to work for real. Im very happy its spring! My horse celebrated today by bucking like a rodeo pony. Yeehaw. Grass is poking its fingers up through the earth, ready to start another year. My horse celebrated this by eating it. Life is fabulous.

Sunday, March 18, 2001

This is one of my favorites, and this reminds me of Kenny. So does this. This reminds me of myself. And, I really like this one too. This reminds me of Kelley.

Saturday, March 17, 2001

"Lovers in the long grass, Look above them, Only they can see where the clouds are going..."

Well, I woke up at 8, or at least thats what my alarm clock said. Now, the thing about alarm clocks is that at times, they are dirty rotten liars. I sat down at my computer, and its faithful clock dutifully informed me that it was actually 7am. Ouch.

"This will be the day she will remember, When she knew his heart was, Loving in the long grass, Close beside her, Whispering of love and the way it breathes"

So, im sitting here enjoying an apple cinnamon waffle and the sunling, and morning itself. I cant wait to go feed my horse, but I think I shall wait until its a little bit warmer. Maybe above freezing at least.

"They can see the sky is blue, Knowing that their love is true, Dreams they never knew, When the sky above is blue"

Oh, and quite obviously, im listening to Enya's "Flora's Secret", whose lyrics are interspersed within this entry.
Oh, im so very stuffed. Ruby Tuesday's sampler platters are the best food known to man! I went out to eat with 6 people from work tonight, and had a great time, but sadly, im too tired to write right now, but later, maybe!

Thursday, March 15, 2001

Perhaps my 19th year will be remembered for its 5am bedtimes, as I really havent done much else yet. Will someone please come save me from the boring life I've fallen into?

I'm starting to truly question my right to be a fish owner. I must be doing something horribly wrong, as my poor clinically depressed Betta attempted suicide for the second time this morning. I opened the lid to feed him, and in a fit of overexcitement, he jumped up at the food, and right onto my ugly beige carpet. I did the level-headed thing and screamed. He is fine, thanks.

Almost everytime I look in the mirror, im amazed at how little the reflection looks like me. I dont look at all like I feel. Perhaps my physical identity got confused with someone else's? Does someone out there happen to *feel* very much like a 5'9 brown-haired, blue-eyed, multi-freckled girl? If so, please let me know, and maybe we can be reunited with our rightful bodies. Exactly how is not a matter to be worried about just yet.

I finished Still Life with Woodpecker tonight, and my brain is still buzzing with thoughts of pyramids, the moon, frogs, camels, and so much more that I'm not really sure I can sleep. Oh-oh spaghetti-o!

I'm fighting a losing battle with my eyelids. And damn AOL just kicked me off again. I hate when it tries to tell me when to go to bed. I think I will stay up a bit longer just to spite it!

Oh, and is not working. I'm lost with one less blog to read, and im sure the whole natural order of things is now screwed up. And I just realized that if AOL wont let me back on, I cant post or publish this. Uh-oh.

In the meantime, while im fighting a modem battle with an internet superpower, would you like to know whats on my desk? I thought you would, so here we go.

Goo Goo Dolls "Dizzy Up The Girl" CD.
Bottle of extra-strength generic teylenol.
3 containers of fish food.
My Sears credit card
A green floppy disk I dont know the contents of
A plaid hair scruncy
A name tag from work
A yellow pin which states "Yes, I am the center of the universe"
A very short pencil
A pink beaded bracelet which is supposed to represent romance
(AOL still hasnt connected)
A bowl which held ice cream a few hours ago
A lovely ford ranger CD-Rom that came with my truck.
A lovely ceramic cactus
Three pennies (About half the money to my name)

Oh, look, AOL has connected me now, so I can stop this. Thrilling though, wasnt it?
How sad, my post right below this one, which was actually somewhat interresting in my opinion, is now burried under a list of whats on my desk. So go on and read it too, would you?
I've searched the darkness, and light. I've searched hidden places, and the open. I've searched clarity and subconscious. I've searched restless and calm. I've looked in dull and brilliance; in the earth and in the night sky. I've examined technology and simplicity. I've looked in cold hard steel, and softness. I've searched alone and in company, in silence and in white noise, in the rain, in the air i've searched, and they arent there. So, can you please tell me where to find answers?

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Today was beautiful in every sense of the word. First, it was physically beautiful in an asthetic sense.. warm temperatures and clouds that came from a child's painting. Fantastic. And then it was just beautiful in other ways.

I decided to stop at the used book store on my way (Or, more correctly, out of my way) to the feed store, and ended up spending quite a while in there. Its a quaint, unassuming place from outside.. thousands pass it everyday without a second glance, but inside is another world. Its named after the owner's cat, who is always present, and seems to know of his importance as he sits on the lap of a cashier, who is lost in a book. The aisles of the store are asymetrical, and some so narrow that one can hardly fit through, which makes it more of an adventure than a shopping trip. There was some sort of categorization, im sure, but I was unable to discern one section from another, so I merely wandered, wide-eyed. However, I did happen upon one shelf of books that left me in awe. I'm not sure what sort of title one could place upon this shelf, as there are none fit that I can think of, but it held so many famous books, in such wide variety. There, resting as neighbors, were Hamlet, Homer's Illiad, House of Seven Gables, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Huck Finn, The Great Gatsby, West Side Story, Emma, The Sound and the Fury, and so many others that have escaped my memory. It was fascinating to see one famous title after another. I finally stopped shopping when the balancing act of books upon forearm became too difficult, and left quite content, only to go to the library where I checked out four more books. I think its safe to say that im set for a while. What did I get, you ask? Well, I bought This Side of Paradise (Fitzgerald..), The Sound and the Fury (Faukner), a horse-related textbook, Skinny Legs and All (Tom Robbins), a book entitled Immortal Poems, which boasts such authors as Shakespeare and TS Elliot, and All Creatures Great and Small, and All Things Wise and Wonderful (Both by James Herriot) I've never read any of these books, except half of All Creatures Great and Small, so, if you want me in the next two months, you'll find me curled up in my bed, or maybe even my closet. I then proceeded to check out several Tom Robbins books from the library, and am in the midst of Still Life With Woodpecker, which is thus far, very good. I found two dollars tucked in the pocket of one of the library books, and there was much rejoicing.
Before I even left my parking spot at the library, Tiffany called me, and she decided to accompany me to the feed store, and we decided that afterwards, we would go to work to wash her horse. There isnt much point in writing about my feed store escapades, as they were the usual "I need a 50-pound bag of 12% Sweet Feed" sorts of goings on, but the amusing thing was that while I was there, two people gave me the message to call Tiffany. It seems my darling mother had called the feed store and left that message for me. I of course, looked at Tiffany and told her to remind me to call her.
Well, now I had more than ten books, 50 pounds of horse feed, a bale of hay, countless curly fries from Hardees, and one very dirty pony at work, so the next move was obvious.. we broke out the horse shampoo and gave Dickasaw the grooming of his life. We sang songs like "My Little Pony" while we bathed him, and ended up with one very clean brown-and-white spotted pony, and two very wet and dirty girls. I wish so much that I had my camera with me, but I'm making a definite point of taking it next time we bathe him.

And so, now that I've sufficiently woken myself up im going to go find something to eat, and go curl back up with Still Life with Woodpecker.
It was such a wonderful feeling to open my back door and feel warm air cascading in, although why it wants to come into this dark little box of a home from the warm, bright, beautiful outdoors is beyond me, but I welcomed it in. Stepping outside, I felt a need to soak up every last bit of sun I could, almost in fear someone would take it away far too quickly. Thank God for spring!

Last night while studying avian and reptile anatomy, I found myself hilighting things not because I thought they were going to be on the test and I needed to know them, but simply because they were so interresting I wanted to be able to find them again. And so, here is your very own crash-course in animal anatomy.

*Birds have only a left ovary
*Some birds of prey have asymmetrically placed ear openings that enable them to zero in on prey by comparing the sound from one ear to the other.
*Many lizards have a special feature within their tail vertebrae- a plate of cartlidge weak enough to create a fracture plane, enabling the lizard to break off its tail to escape a predator (Well, I allready knew this one, but did you?)
*The muscles that open a crocodile's mouth are weak, but the ones that close it are very strong, making it easy to hold their mouth shut, but at the same time, making the jaws strong enough to crush bones with ease (Well, THAT explains why the Crocodile Hunter never has much trouble holding their mouths shut, huh? I always wondered that..)
*Crocodiles are internally waterprofed by a soft palate that folds to allow a crocodile to keep its mouth open underwater without inhaling air.
*Most snakes have only a right lung
*A snake's glottis moves from side to side, allowing the snake to breathe while swallowing large prey
*Turtles have a large fleshy tongue, but it is attached to the floor of the mouth-- the reason you never see a turtle stick out its tongue (And I thought they just didnt have a sense of humor!)
*Chameleons can project their tongues farther than their body length to capture insects, and their tongue muscles are so long that some of them attach to the pelvis!
*Egg eating snakes have "esophageal teeth" which cut eggshells as the eggs travel down the esophagus.
*Certain lizards have the ability to squirt blood from the corner of the eye as a defense mechanism, producing a fine stream of blood that can spray a distance of four feet!

Now take notes, you never know when you might need to know these things ;-)
I hate when I accidentally post something twice.
Amusing Things Found While Cleaning Out My Bathroom Cabinets
Tube of Neosporin- Expiration Date July 1998
Tube of Neosporin Plus- Expiration Date May 1997
Tube of Benadryl Cream- Expiration Date Jan 1995
Bottle of Afrin Sinus Spray- Expiration Date December 1996
Lots of Non-Asprin Sinus Caplets- Expiration Date May 2000
Trial-Size package of Pamprin- Expiration Date June 1999
Tube of First-Aid Antibiotic- Expiration Date December 1997

None of them beat the bottle of eyedrops that I threw out last month that had expired in May of 94.

Monday, March 12, 2001

"Cool breeze and autumn leaves, Slow Motion daylight"~ That song just reminded me so much of today
I just literally rolled on the floor laughing...

Me to Mom: Im really sick of porn emails!
Mom: What was that one?
Me: Same old thing
Mom: I like getting new ones!
Me: What??
Mom: I like them!
Me: (stares at her)
Mom: What?
Me: You LIKE them?
Mom: Wait.. what did you say?
Me: Porn emails!
Mom: OH! I thought you said corny emails!
Ugh, did Blogger just eat another post?
Wow, 4 days without writing! Probably would have been longer if Kelly hadnt started bugging me to write! As often seems to happen, I really cant think of anything all that interresting to tell you about today. I could tell you im out of horse feed, and that I need to clean my guppy tank and my goldfish tank, and that I really want to go go book shopping but dont have any money, but none of that is really all that interresting anyway.

Kenny says I should write about him, but what do you write about such a wonderful person? He's a fantastic rider, and just continues to fascinate me. Oh, and he really likes rasberry cookies. Oddly, I just cant think of what else to say! My writers block must be a very severe case.

I'm in need of new songs to download, any suggestions?

Would anyone like to donate a large sum of money to the "Tiffany and Crystal really really want an appartment Fund"? Because, well, we really really want an appartment. I think it would be very good for me to have to be more independant. Maybe I would even learn to cook. Well, at least enough to stop surviving off the Wendy's 99 cent menu and those potatoes I eat all the time.

So what do you do when you come to the realization that you're existing rathter than living?

Thursday, March 08, 2001

Wow, I'm exhausted. Its amazing what two months off will do to you! Our first day back at work went great, I forgot how much that place runs like clockwork. The new people are great, and it was just fantastic to be back. And, now im too tired to even type.

I was looking at colleges online last night, and one english 101 class said the objectives of the course were to learn to write gramatically correct sentences, and clear and concise paragraphs. Yes, this is a college english class, not fifth grade. Frankly, I continue to be amazed at the things people get college credit for these days.

Wednesday, March 07, 2001

Make that 15 tries. Gah.
I really just want to scream and cry and laugh and express a million other emotions all at once, because thats exactly how im feeling. I was just laying around thinking about work tomorrow, and I realized last thing I want to do tomorrow is go take pictures. Its just gotten to be so insanely repetitive, and I just dont want to do it. Tomorrow is the first official day of work. Luckily, im in charge of group photos, which means ill hardly do anything all week. Thank God, and thanks CarrieAnd we're only working 1 show a day, 4 days a week right now, which is awesome.

I really, really, really, really wish there was a good college or university around here. There are a whopping total of 3 within reasonable distance, none of which interest me in the least. Why can't Findlay be in Missouri? All I ask is a nice local college with an equine science program and a pre-vet program. Is that really so much to ask? Really?

No, I dont want to go to work tomorrow. I want to sleep until around noon, and then go ride my horse. Thats all I want to do, but there are a billion bills to pay, and Disney World just 2 months away, so I really have no other choice, do I?

Oh, and I would realy like some email. Im very bored, and would love to hear about just about anything right now!

And, for the record, I am no longer allowed to TOUCH HTML after 3am.. it just took me like 10 tries to publish this with all the footnotes working. I think that means i need sleep.

Tuesday, March 06, 2001

Oh, there it is
Umm.. what, may I ask.. happened to my archive?
I really wish I had some fingerpaints right now. For some reason, fingerpainting just sounds like so much fun right now. Actually just about anything sounds good right now.. im quite bored.

I just remembered a story I was going to share with you. A week or so ago, I had my mom take my Secret Santa presents to the post office to mail it out for me. She took the box in to the clerk, who shook it, and hearing that things were rattling around a bit, asked if it needed wrapped up better. My mother, the ever-eloquent speaker tried to say "No, its just my daughter's package", or something to that general effect, but instead it came out "No, its just my daughter". So, the poor postal worker looks at her increduously, and repeats "Its just your daughter, and they both busted up laughing. Then my mom was looking at the box, and noticed that it said BODY on it!! Why do I have a feeling my poor christmas presents got x-rayed?

Isnt it odd the things we remember? Tiffany and I were discussing a woman we used to work with the other night, and I mentioned that I remembered her discussing religion with a guy we worked with during a rehersal for the Christmas show last year. I really have no idea why I remember that. Tiffany surprised me by saying that she remembered it too, and we both somehow remembered where we were sitting in the theater, and how the woman was sitting! All completly insignificant details at one rehersal out a tons we went to, and we both remembered it! So what makes a little thing like that stick in one's memory so strongly? Any psych majors out there? Jim?

And yes, if you are keeping up with it, I got my reservations for
Cinderella's Breakfast when I go to Disney World this May. Wooohoo! I cant help but wonder.. is it generally frowned upon to hit on
Prince Charming ?

And yes, believe it or not, I think Im done with the new page layout for now! All that editing was hurting my brain!

Monday, March 05, 2001

Okay, archives are back on the side! I have conquered the HTML devil! Yes, the archives look a little scary, but thats ok!
My archive has been temporarily moved to the bottom of the page, due to my own HTML stupidity and lack of patience.
My humblest of apologies to anyone who visited around 9pm and was scared to death by the work in progerss.
I want to hear what you think of it!
Ive finally added links to the side.. I know they look like crap right now.. im working on it!

Sunday, March 04, 2001

Words I learned last night while playing Scrabble until 6am

Thanks to Kel, Skye, Morgan, Ashlee, and Andrea for staying up all night to play scrabble. And to Dave, even though he never played- he was there.

Saturday, March 03, 2001

LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!
Well, I just added BlogVoices, so you can all leave wonderful little notes. Lets see if it works
When I was younger, I would always curl up on the floor of my closet and read. This was, of course, back when I had a closet that had a light in it. My mother would even bring me dinner in there. Looking back, I cant help but wonder if she ever found the fact that her daughter was eating dinner in a closet while reading was at all odd, but if she did, she never said anything. I cant recall exactly why I would read in there, maybe it was just a nice private place to spend an evening. I can't help but wonder that if my closet had a light, if I would still be doing the same thing.

On a somewhat related note, Sideways Stories from Wayside School is still a wonderful book, no matter how old you are.

Friday, March 02, 2001

"Someday when we can afford it, we'll go on vacation together"
"Yeah, but we'll never be able to afford it"
"You arent supposed to be realistic when making plans like this, you know!"

BlogVoices is very hard to understand when you are sick and your mind is swirling around.

For some reason, im not happy unless im doing a million things at once. Right now im reading e-mail and talking to Katie and listening to music and working on my blog, and working on a webpage, and editing graphics, and reading blogs, and making a to-do list for tomorrow, and downloading a song on Napster.

On a completly unrealted topic (as usual), here is a random list of thoughts as they popped into my head the other night.
Gum losing its flavor
An unfamiliar song by a familiar man
Cereal that isnt as passionate as it advertised
Different poetry styles
It doesnt feel like 11
Nutrition must be studied
Late night hat espionage
Scrable temper tantrums
Snatched Fudge House cookies
Evil Cookie Snatcher
Creating timeless beauty
The female one is fascinating
The package label is wrong
Donuts dont sound appetizing
The box has become part of the family
Effects on wildflowers
Shh dont tell

Thursday, March 01, 2001

Im fascinated and yet perplexed that hospitals terrify me.. I cant even look at a picture of a needle or an IV without cold chills running down my spine.. i have to be practically dying before ill agree to go to the doctor because I hate it so much.. and yet I love learning medical stuff. Im studying to be a vet assistant, even. Ironic, much? My life is practically an oxymoron. Maybe this is how I was able to spend over a half hour in Larry's hospital room yesterday without freaking out. I had to kind of stop and calm down before we went in the elevator to his floor, but I guess I just got distracted enough to tune out the fact of the building I was actually in.

I just got out of a glorious shower/bath combo. Wonderful when you're sick. I was in there wondering.. why do we say we take a shower? Seems like a very odd use of the verb to me. We also take a nap, take a break.. and a million other things.. but I really dont know why we say it that way. Odd. I was also wondering why we say you are going on a certain age. For instance, you are sixteen, going on seventeen. I think english must be a very hard language to learn.

Oh, yes, as I was saying, I just took a nice hot shower followed by soaking in a nice hot bath. I think hot water is one of the most wonderful things in the world. However, my bathtub is far too short to stretch out in. I'm 5'9", and its only about 4 feet long if that. My kingdom for a bathtub 6 feet long so I could really stretch out in it! I did enjoy laying there though, studying the pattern the drops of water made on the tile, and how they all sat there unmoving, in suspended animation until they finally gave in to gravity. I think so much when im in the shower, I really should invent some kind of shower notebook, so I can make notes of all the things I think of to write about later.

Question: how do I still have tanlines from a trip to the bahamas 10 months ago??
The advertising agents are out to get me. They keep showing commercials for those kick-ass Ford Super Duty trucks just to remind me that I cant afford one. Oh.. yeah...I forgot I was heavily medicated again.
Well, as usual, just seeing my horse made me feel much better. Or maybe it was the dayquil. Whatever it is, my head feels like a big baloon about to float off. Um, I think that means its time to stop writing.
Bleh. Today is an icky day. Well, the day itself isnt all that bad- its cloudy and 45*. Its the fact that im sick, and just want to sleep. However, I cant complain. I promised last night I would write about yesterday, so here it goes..

It actually started on Tuesday night when I got a call saying my friend Larry broke his foot at practice. His horse slipped in the sand and fell over on top of him, and then rolled over on his leg, bending his foot at an un-metacarpal friendly angle. So, Tuesday night was spent with Tiffany making a card for Larry. Wednesday afternoon was spent shopping for little get well gifts, and then going over to his house after work (Yes, he went to work right after he got out of surgery. What a trooper!). Tonight Tiff and I are going to make him Hamburger Helper- the Dinner of Champions.

Sorry im not writing much but a series of events right now..I feel like my whole head is in a tunnel. I tried to take a long nap, but my parents kept waking me up reminding me that I needed to go feed my horse.

Random note- Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block looks like Donny Osmond.
I swear that if I werent absolutly about to collapse from exhaustion, I would write about the very interresting day I had right now, but seeing that im going to fall out of this chair at any second, lets save that for tomorrow morning when im eating a lovely breakfast of mango passion crisp, shall we? good.