Monday, December 30, 2002

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You are the seductress pin-up! You are self-explanatory. You slut!
She thinks my hail damage is sexy…

Okay, I will most likely NEVER say this sentence ever again, so take note.

Why can’t I just have a nice office job?

I heard my dad mumbling something about storms as I left for work today, but after I left the bank, I noticed things were getting really bad. Really bad as in I couldn’t even see the car twenty feet in front of me. I turned on the local radio station, and sure enough, not only was there a severe thunderstorm warning, but “The heaviest part seems to be right around Reeds Spring right now…” Guess which town I was driving by? Reeds Spring.

I was doing about 40mph in a 60 zone, which is an odd change for me seeing that I usually do 80. The rain was slamming into my windshield with such force that I was surprised it didn’t break the glass or something. I finally gave in and pulled over, when I could no longer go over 30 without running off the road. It was there, on the side of the road with hazard lights flashing that I realized it was not rain hitting my car with such a racket, but dime-sized hail. I sat there thinking that I really should have known something was up when the power on the stop light back in Kimberling city had blinked. Have you ever seen the power on a stoplight go out before? I sure haven’t.

A few minutes passed and the hail had stopped, so I eased back out onto the drenched road. I called home to tell my mom about the weather, and the irony of being in Reeds Spring right when the storm was, but my call was cut short as I said “I should go, it looks like its pretty bad up here.” Apparently, I am a smart girl, because “pretty bad” turned out to be lots and lots of hail. The road was covered, and I was a bit surprised that I wasn’t sliding around more than I was. The radio guy came back on to say that the storm had moved on a bit and was now about 20 miles north of Branson along highways 160 and 65. Guess where I was? About 20 miles north of branson on 160! The storm was freaking FOLLOWING me!

My new plan was to outrun it, which was pretty successful, because a little ways further the rain stopped. I walked into the bank in Nixa with what I’m sure was a very wide-eyed look. The guy there actually asked me if it was storming. He refused to believe it was as bad as I told him. Crazy.

Now came the fun part! I got to turn around and head South back to Branson, therefore going right back through the storm I had just driven through! Luckily it had died down a bit, but it was still absolutely crazy. I am very lucky that I had my secret weapon in my car: Kenny Chesney CD’s. You see, Kenny Chesney does for me what spinach does for Popeye. I spent the drive, in which I literally could see no more of the other cars than a wave of water flying behind them, listening to Kenny’s “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” cd and “Everywhere we Go”. I had fun shouting the lyrics to “No Shoes..”, especially “Aint no better time than now for Mexico!”. The funny thing was, with good music and the worst of it behind me, the drive through this crazy storm became FUN. I’ll never be able to explain it, but I was having a great time out there.

So, here I am at home on a 20 minute break before I go off to the hospital to pick up stuff for the doctors. Probably no more big adventures today, but I think I like it that way.

In very exciting news, I have finally posted my adventure list! It’s a list I’ve been working on for years and years of all of the things I want to see and do in my life. Its constantly evolving, so Ill still be updating it, but here it is. The best part is that in the one day its been up, two of my friends have already been inspired to write their own lists, which I’ll add links to soon! In fact, nothing would make me happier than if you would write your own list and either send me the url or the list itself. I would giggle and jump up and down.

A big end of the year entry is on its way, complete with New Year’s resolutions, and a fun recap of the past year. Stay tuned!

Finally, there is a new subdivision sort of thing opening just north of Branson called Saddlebrook. They have hundreds of acres of trails, and both indoor and outdoor riding arenas. Would anyone like to send me a few hundred thousand so I can get a house there? Thanks!

Monday, December 23, 2002

I am so proud!!

The Ultimate *Which Harry Potter Character are You?* Quiz

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And can I tell you how happy this icon makes me?

How HOT does Ewan look as Lupin? Puhhhlease cast him!
Kelly reads my mind, I swear. The second after I posted that, I went to IM her, and this was her away message:

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

~ Maya Angelou
How long has it been since I’ve written? No, not written a quick journal entry, or something like that, but really written? My mind is in that mode tonight, where the poetic section of my brain has simply taken over, and it wants to say so many words, but I just cant get them out like I used to. It wants to tell stories, to be set free somehow. How long has it been since I’ve felt I had a story to tell? And now there are everywhere, leaping out from the walls, begging to be told. They are dancing around in my brain, and yet the words just don’t want to come. Its such an odd feeling, the feeling of tales trapped within your head, asking to be told. It’s the Writer’s Headache, I suppose.

The problem is, by the time I go to write the words, they are gone. I can’t speak them and record them, because they do not wish to be spoken. It’s a delicate problem.

I finally managed to get some out tonight, and it feels as if some of the pressure inside my head is off, I suppose letting some of the words out lessened the overcrowding that was going on in there. I couldn’t look at the screen as I typed, because looking at the words seemed to take something away. It still does.

I have been reading so many great stories lately, by so many different authors, with so many different styles, and it has made me fall in love with language, with stories to be told, all over again. I love how they can simply take your emotions hostage, until you are just along for the ride, in a sort of drunken rollercoaster. Drunken rollercoaster. Tom Robbins, one of my favorite authors, would say something like that. I keep finding his sort of phrases wanting to pop out. Maybe these are not my own words dancing inside my head, but all of the great books I’ve ever read have danced and spun around so quickly that they’ve all gotten tangled together, in a massive heap of words and ideas, all jumbled together, and now they’re trying to sneak out of my head through my words. Very tricky they are.

Did you see that? That whole thing about the words dancing and entangling? That was Tom. Although not quite. It was words wanting to be spoken as Tom would, but coming out with my own sort of flavor. I don’t know what to call it.

This is an odd entry, I know. I’m tempted not to post it, but I’m far too self-censoring, so I shall post it anyway. I think that’s what started my desire to write tonight, in fact. I had this desire to start a whole other journal for all of the thoughts I had that I wanted to write, but that I didn’t want to put here. And at the same time, I wanted to put them here, and in fact, to put so much of myself out here that I felt stripped, as if all of my thoughts were visible to the world. I would like that, but I’m not there. I envy so much the journalers who can put it all out there, who can give so much of themselves. I know I’ve said that before, but I never come any closer to being it, do I? I ramble on once in a great while, and then go right back to my ways of complaining about the weather and telling silly anecdotes. I can’t quite explain it.

Perhaps what I need to do is start getting very drunk, and then writing. I feel drunk right now, but its that silly intoxication that comes from a mixture of thoughts and emotions and the phenomenom that is both the lack of sleep and too much sleep all at once.

I wrote tonight. I wrote about my eyes and my skin, and grandparents I have never met, and a country I have never seen, but somehow know. Writing makes me feel alive.

I am going to sleep now. Or at least to bed, where I will turn the words about in my head some more until they spin into dreams.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

I met up with Christa for a bit of mall shopping the other day. When we walked in, I noticed that the store to the left was new, so we went in to investigate. I am so excited about this store!! They have all sorts of fun stuff like African masks and art, bonsai trees, music from various countries, incense, etc. Its kind of like the entire World Showcase condensed into one store. Most exciting of all (I literally shrieked with joy right there in the store!) They Sell Party Buddhas!! Now I can finally send them out to all of my friends who have been wanting one. Hooray!

Speaking of Party Buddha, I’ve actually been working on my Disney trip report, and have finally progressed to day 2! I’m hoping to finish it by the end of the year. Wish me luck with that!

VH1 has a series remembering the 80’s, and tonight they are showing 1980 and 81. So far, the #1 thing that people remember about 81 is that cable came out. Why? Because if they poked the cable box just right, they could get porn. The year of my birth is best known for bringing porn to the masses. I am so proud. Also in the year of my birth? The president gets shot, and so does the Pope (bringing along the invention of the Popemobille).

Running out of my throat medicine right before I went to Texas was not a good thing. I went about a week without it, and as a result, have spent most of the past week not eating. Plus, the acid has agrivated my asthma, so I could neither eat nor breathe-what fun! I finally broke down and went to the doctor yesterday, who basically said that everything I knew was wrong was. He refilled my prescription for my asthma inhaler, and suggested that I use some otc antacids to help me eat. I started crying when I asked them how long it was supposed to take me to start being able to eat again once I was back on my medicine. I have this habit of getting very frustrated with being sick all the time, so crying at the doctor’s is nothing new. Anyway, the doc said it should have started working within a day or two, and I had been on it almost a week. He said to try the antacids, and if things weren’t looking up, to come back. Well, it looks like I’ve been reunited with my old buddy Gaviscon (Antacid of choice for cool people like me!). Last time I couldn’t eat, I was seriously eating these things like candy, taking the maximum they recommend of 16 a day. I took three last night plus my inhaler, and managed to eat an almost normal quantity of food for the first time in over a week, which made me very happy. Now all I want is a pizza, because in that week and a half or so that I couldn’t eat, all the Pizza hut commercials taunted and teased me to no end. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to take care of that craving J

I still haven’t decided how to spend the $25 gift certificate to that my sister sent me. Yes, I have something like 125 items on my amazon wish list, so you wouldn’t think it would be that hard, but it is! I hate buying books without a chance to curl up in BN and read the first few pages to see that I like the author’s style first. In fact, I did just that on Saturday, and found a few that I liked, but I wasn’t really crazy about any of them. I think a lot of my difficulty in deciding comes from knowing how cheap I could get almost any book on or ebay. I’m so cheap.

And simply because I am always amused by how fickle I am, my new crush is Johnny Rzeznek from the GooGoo Dolls. Just because he has a sexy voice and he writes and is a rock star, man. And ooh! Speaking of sexy men, I used some of my birthday cash to buy some dvd’s, including Star Wars Ep. 2. Do I need to tell you how many times I had to pause it during the bonus disk because I was on Ewan hotness overload? They had clips from three different interviews- one where he just looked normal Ewany, one where he had longish RED hair, and one where his head was basically shaved. It was like three different Ewans! How exciting would that be? I’m such a girl.

(End girly drooling here)

Also in the movie theme, the new Lord of the Rings movie comes out Wednesday, which makes me very happy. As usual though, I have nobody to drag along with me, which makes me very sad. Would someone kindly move here and be my movie buddy? I would think you were cool. I think I may have talked Christa into going, but she hasn’t seen the first one, so I’d need to get her caught up. Actually, I finally got her to read Harry Potter, and now that she’s read the first book, I will let her see the first movie. We’re planning on doing that on Wednesday, and then going to see Chamber of Secrets as soon as she finishes that book. I swear, kids today! You have to practically force pop culture on them just to save them from a bleak existence.

You know you are single again when you go to the tack store just to check out the cowboys. I had a very, very nice time. I must do that again. Soon.

Finally, did you know that lady Kelly has her very own domain now? You must go visit her at and share the love!

Monday, December 09, 2002

Kelly is going to kick me if I dont add our workout video count to my page, so I thought I'd type a quick entry to go with that update. Amanda, her husband Brandon, and I left for Texas on Friday morning around 9, and drove and drove and drove and drove until we got to Kelly Town (aka Burleson) I got to meet all of Kelly's people and have a lovely time, and we did her Mary Kay grand opening on Saturday, which went very well.

We played several games of Name that Tune (which really should have been called name that singer, since thats what we were actually doing) on the drive, each of which lasted at least an hour or so.

I can not stop shaking right now because my throat just freaked out on me for the first time in like a year. I am out of my medicine, and haven't been able to afford to get it refilled. I was just eating a cracker and my throat closed up and I couldnt swallow or breathe. Not fun. I really hope that's a one-time incedent, and this isnt going to be like last winter where I couldnt eat for two months. Yuck.

I guess I'll get back to telling you about Texas a bit later, when I can think.

Sunday, December 01, 2002

I’m already missing it, and that astounds me. Normally when I get back from Florida, I’ve had my fill, and I know I’m set for at least six months before I get the bug again. This morning, however, I’m already wishing I could pop over to MGM to wander around China Town, or monorail over to Epcot to play in Future World for a few hours. I wonder if its because this trip was so short. Well, short isn’t really the word, but more that I didn’t get to do as much due to the weather. I just can’t believe I’m so nostalgic already. And OH! What I wouldn’t give for a Wilderness Lodge brownie! Or an evening at the Adventurer’s Club!

I suppose today would be a good day to get cracking on my trip report- you have to approach those things in just the right mood to really pull it off. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that Nate will write one, because his are always works of genius.

Okay, I can not believe what I just realized. It is 2:30am on December 1, and guess what I forgot to do? Finish NaNoWriMo. I really was going to buckle down these last few days and finish up, and I forgot completely. My final word total is something like 13,000, which I suppose isn’t bad seeing that I only worked on it 5 days, for a total of about 8 hours. There’s always next year I guess!

I have to apologize: I have started my trip report for my Florida trip, but it is not anywhere near finished. I need to take an afternoon and really work on it, but it just hasn’t been my top priority yet.

These last few days have been fun. I had Thursday off for Thanksgiving, on Friday I only had to do my bank run, and was off today, and will be tomorrow. I’ve been doing a lot of reading (Re-reading Goblet of Fire. Forgot how much I love it!), a bit of belly dancing (I have been doing the advanced one, and I think it may kill me.), a bit of socializing (I spent two hours at Starbucks with Christa and Barret tonight. They pretty much had to kick us out so they could close) and some movie watching (Trying to get Christa to come watch Sorcerer’s Stone so I can make her go to Chamber of Secrets with me) I’ve also done my fair share of spending time online, and lots of time with Tallulah, who I think is finally forgiving me for abandoning her for a week.

I’ll be driving out to Texas next weekend with Amanda and her husband Brandon to do Kelly’s Grand Opening for Mary Kay. I’m not very excited about the driving part, but I am psyched to see the Kelly. I’m just hoping we aren’t leaving TOO early on Friday so that I can do tickets in the morning and make some desperately needed cash. I am beyond broke right now. Far, far beyond. Into the scary category.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Pottering, Part 2 and randon job ramblings

Just when you thought it was safe to come back to I W T H (My mofo word processor keeps changing that to WITH if I don’t put spaces in.), I’m back with more babbling about the Chamber of Secrets movie. I humbly apologize to those of you who don’t know the difference between Hogwarts and Hogsmeade and really don’t care, but I’m apparently back into full-on opinionated mode (Thank GOD!), so I have lots of stuff to talk about. I knew when I wrote the first entry about the movie that I’d probably remember more that I would want to add, but I really didn’t expect another entry.

Again, I’m putting the spoiler sorts of things in white text so that they are a bit easier to not read if you don’t want to. I forgot that my background is no longer white, so I know that they don’t blend in perfectly, but it’s the best I can do until they come up with cloud-colored writing.

Oh, on that subject, does anyone have any really snazzy photos of some dark stormy clouds, or neat lighting behind clouds around twilight? If you could send me some (I have a new design in the works) I would think you were swell.

And without further ado, more Pottering.

First of all, I found it kind of interesting that while they did follow the storyline about the attacker being after Muggle-born wizards, they totally left out the part about Squibs. That makes me kind of sad, because I think that the scene where Harry finds Filch’s letter for the class on basic magic, it adds a lot to Filch’s character. Also, by skipping the scene where Justin tells Harry that his parents are Muggles, it makes the fact that the snake goes after Justin, and Harry’s supposed attack on him seem much more random. I know we have time constraints here, but I think it would have helped if they had clarified all of this a bit more, don’t you?

I absolutely love how sick Ron looks in the whole scene where he is burping up slugs. He’s green! Lovely acting. However, in the book, he’s burping up dozens of them, while in the movie, its just one at a time. How sad. I think his expressions and acting make up for it though.

Another change I noticed between book and movie is that in the book, Harry sees the Snitch above Malfoy, zooms over and grabs it. End of game. In the movie, for obvious excitement purposes, instead of catching it there, a really long chase begins, with Malfoy and Harry neck-in-neck and being followed by the bludger the whole time. Yeah, more exciting cinematically, but I like how silly it made Malfoy look when it was right next to him and he didn’t even notice.

No fight between Mr. Weasley and Lucious Malfoy in the book store! What up with THAT? I mean really, we have basillik eyes being poked out by a phoenix later on, and all sorts of blood and gore, a little bookstore violence isn’t going to kill us. I wanted to see them fight! I think I really just wanted to see Malfoy get his hair all messed up. Sigh.

Hermione asking McGonnagal about the Chamber of Secrets just doesn’t make sense. Sure, it let them combine the transfiguration scene (I liked turning the animals into water goblets better than the book version of bunnies into slippers, I think, although that would have been fun too. Scabbers the Goblet made me giggle though.) with the whole exposition of the Chamber story, and saved them having to do the scene with the History of Magic class taught by the ghost (Never can remember his name). Seriously though, it makes so much more sense for the ghost teacher to tell them the history of the Chamber, as he’s probably pretty excited to have people awake in his class for once, than for McGonnagal to tell it. It just seemed out of character. And speaking of out of character, Hermione interrupting to ask in the middle of Transfiguration? Hello!?

Why didn’t we get to see Young Hagrid’s face in Riddle’s memory? Are we that short on actors that look alike?

For quite possibly the first time ever, I have a pet peeve about Snape. Yes, yes, I’m still all about the Snape love. Don’t think I’m becoming a traitor. Really though, as fantastically sexy and Snapely and all those other good things he is in the dueling scene, what’s up with taking about three years to get out the word “Expelliramus!”? Seriously, Snape dear, Lockhart had time to knit a sweater and bake cookies while you were saying “Expell……………………iramus!” We’re supposed to be taking our opponents by surprise. Then again, this may be why you teach potions and not charms, eeh? Otherwise, kudos to Rickman for some lovely acting in this scene. We are all still giggling about “How about someone from my own house? I don’t know…. (shifty look… nearly comical shrugging of shoulders…) Malfoy?” We heart Snape. And that thing where he did that animalistic crawling across the table with his hands when he is yelling at Ron & Harry for crashing into the willow? Oh my. Keep doing that.

I know I’m picky, but I’m also a bit sad about some of the Lockhart stuff they changed. Originally in the book, the boys are sent out to de-gnome the Weasley’s garden (and WHY didn’t we get to see the de-gnoming? I’m heartbroken.), and Mrs. Weasley consulted Lockhart’s book first. This was SO much better of an intro to Lockhart than just him being in the book store. They also never really mentioned that practically every one of his books was on their list of books for school. Bleh. Also, when he announces that he is the new DADA teacher while he is in the bookstore with Harry, its so much snazzier than him just showing up in class saying “Let me introduce you to your new Defense… teacher, Me!” And am I the only one that thinks Hugh Grant would have made a REALLY good Lockhart? He has that sparkling eyes and cheeky grin thing down. He could have totally pulled it off.

I can’t BELIEVE I left this out the first time, but what on EARTH is up with Ron bashing Lockhart over the head with the rock??? That was just SO out of character, and just plain weird.

And finally, you know the scene in the Gryffindor bedroom where Neville shows Harry that someone has gotten into his stuff and stolen the diary? In the book, his stuff is thrown everywhere and such, but in the movie, it’s a HUGE wreck, with like… papers shredded everywhere. Um, ok, throwing clothes all over the place while trying to find the diary makes perfect sense, but why on earth would Ginny shred papers in the procecses? No sense!

And that’s all I have regarding the movie for now. However, I just read in an article that JKR said that there are a LOT of clues in Chamber of Secrets that foreshadow things that will happen in books 5-7, so now I am RE-re-reading it, even though I just read it Satuday. I fear I’m getting just a tiny bit TOO analytical now, because I’m completely over-analyzing every sentence. Its like “Oooooh, they’re eating PANCAKES for breakfast! I bet that means that in book 6, Voldemort will open a chain of pancake restaurants and…….” Seriously, its almost that bad.

I’ve also been reading the HP message boards at the Harry Potter Galleries again. I adore people who are as over-analytical as I am (It all goes back to Mrs. Logan, I tell you!) I have been on the line about the whole “Snape is a vampire” theory, but I read a theory last night that he’s an animagus, which I’m starting to like. There’s definitely SOMETHING up with him.

I’m really really hoping that my nephew comes here for Thanksgiving so I can take HIM to see C of S, as an excuse to go again. Not that I haven’t already crossed the line of being pathetic, but I like to believe I have some dignity left.

Prisoner of Azkaban isn’t due out until mid 2004. I am going to go crazy waiting, as this is the one I’m REALLY looking forward to. At least we’ll have Order of the Phoenix before then!

Along the lines of the movies for Azkaban and Goblet of Fire, they are either going to be VERY long, or split into two movies, or I’m going to end up being PISSED when they cut out too much. Seeing that Chamber of Secrets is around 300 pages, and is 3 hours, if you stuck with 1 hour per 100 pages, Goblet of Fire would be seven and a half hours. If they dare to try to squish it into 3, I will cry. Either make a six hour movie and get it over with, or split it into two parts. Really, most of us wouldn’t mind sitting in the movie theater for seven hours if you gave us an intermission or two. Especially if you cast Ewan in Azkaban. I will sit there for 12 hours. Really.

I started re-reading Goblet of Fire last night, and I know that JKR says that the books re intended or ages 8 and up, but had forgotten how intense they get, especially 3 & 4. But really, even in Chamber of Secrets--- “Blood! I smell blood! Let me rip you! Let me kill you!” Ummm, I don’t think I would have been down with that when I was 8. Maybe I’m just old and have forgotten what kids can handle. Anyone else have opinions on this?

On a non-HP note (Who knew?), I started thinking about jobs and careers while I was driving today. I found myself starting to think about possible ways of taking January off- in a town like this where everything shuts down from January to March, we’re pretty used to having two months off, so not having that will be very weird. So, thinking about a month off made me start wondering, if I did that, would I come back to this job next year? I mean sure, its technically really easy money and short hours, but its not something I’m passionate about. I don’t get any sense of being fulfilled from it, I never get to do anything I’m excited or proud of, it gets very boring, ,and I don’t even get to work around fun people, because I’m mostly by myself.

So, then I started thinking about the University of Findlay, which is the only college I’ve ever really really wanted to go to. They have an incredible equine program, and if any class could make me WANT to get out of bed early in the morning in freezing temperatures, it would be riding. However, I do NOT want to move to Ohio. Missouri is far cold enough, thank you. Its still tempting to try out for a semester though.

Perhaps I should look into the local colleges and see what kind of equine programs they have. I’ve done some research into that before, and they all generally SUCK compared to Findlay, but I may find something that’s better than nothing.

In short, all of these musings made me realize that I don’t know what I want to do and that’s pretty scary.

I continue to find myself fighting the urge to just go back to Dixie. People are always begging me to come back, and it would be so EASY to go back, but I just can’t let myself do it. Its still an insanely stressful environment, they don’t treat their employees well, and the pay is total crap. Bleh. Of course, I always start thinking “Well, I would go back if I could do the show”, but I think the main reason I even want to do THAT is because I cant. Its hard to remember that its not a play where you rehearse for two months, and then do the show three nights, have a cast party, and move on. It’s the two months of rehersals and then ten MONTHS of doing the same thing. I would LOVE to do the show for about two weeks, but I don’t think I would want to after that.

So then I started thinking about what it is that I’m actually interested in and what I have a passion for, since that’s obviously the direction I need to go. The first thing that comes to mind is naturally horses, but I’m still not to a place where I’m experienced enough to make any money off of that field. Next I thought about Disney, but I really don’t want to work there because it would completely ruin the magic. Disney made me think about resorts, which got me thinking about how much I adore hotels, and that I could run a hotel if it were a really snazzy one, but I’m just not interested in it enough to go through all that would require. So then I started thinking about the travel agent gig again

But would it be worth it and be something I’d end up enjoying? I do love trip planning, but I’ve never really planned for someone else, and I don’t know if I would get as excited about that. Still, all of the travel discounts and such would rock, so that’s a big maybe.

So, while thinking about all of this, I suddenly find myself cruising down the highway with a fantastic song on the radio and I start thinking “This is so much fun! Why am I even worrying about getting a different job?” Its such a vicious cycle depending on my moods. I know I don’t want to be a courier forever, but does that mean that I shouldn’t take advantage of it now? I think the worst part is that it doesn’t pay enough to make a real living off of, but its too exhausting to combine with another job unless I was only doing, say, tickets instead of all of my runs. But if I don’t want to do it forever, whats the point in doing it at all?

Bleh. That’s all I can say.

Saturday, November 23, 2002

Why couldn't it be follow the butterflies?

I finally made it out to see the new Harry Potter flick tonight, so of course

now I have to tell you all about it. Before we go any further, I'll warn

you now: General stuff like how much I adore Snape will be in regular text,

but I shall be nice and put anything that's a spoiler in white text so that

you will have to highlight it if you want to read it. I'm hoping this doesn't

screw up on anyone's browser, so don't yell at me if you accidentally read

something you didn't want to (They all DIE in the end!! Ok, maybe not.)

One of the first things noticed was John Williams's beautiful music accompanying

the film again- he rocks (Em, not literally. I suppose the literal term would

be "He classicals!" but that just sounds silly now, doesn't it?) The music

is ever-present, but it blends in seamlessly. Perfect.

**and the word "perfect" reminds me of "prefect", which

reminds me that I must say- Percy with his hair sticking up made me giggle.

Just so you know

The actor chosen for Lucious Malfoy may be one of the best casting decisions

they have made since some brilliant person cast Alan Rickman as Snape (mmm,

Snape…) The part fit him to a tee, and he did a wonderful job with it.

And lets all face it, his hair is just fun. Plus, he looks just enough like

Draco to be believable. Lockhart was good, but I think he needed to be just a bit more over the top. He just wasn't quite annoying enough.

**Moaning Myrtle on the other hand kind of… disturbed

me. At moments she was absolutely perfect, and I thought her voice was right-on.

However, at other times, she was just a little.. psycho? I don't recall the

Book Myrtle randomly getting all vicious. And Movie Myrtle just didn't cry

enough. I'm also kind of amused that they did the brewing of the Polyjuice

potion in the sink instead of one of the stalls, like they did in the book.

Three kids in a bathroom stall just wasn't cinematic, I suppose, ,but I adore

when Myrtle said "Harry, if you die down there, you can share my toilet!"

(Even though she was supposed to say that AFTER he made it back, but you

cant win them all)

And ooh! On that track: Fawkes is supposed to heal

Harry while Tom/Voldy is still there. And what the hell is up with Tom just

standing around while all this is happening? I mean, I know he isn't at full

strength or anything, but he was such a spectator! Gah.

Watching Dumbledore made me rather sad, remembering that the actor that played

him (His name is Richard Harris, right? Sorry if I have that wrong) died

just a while back. He definitely seemed much older in this film than the

last. I wonder what it was like for him knowing he didn't have long left,

and doing all the lines about the phoenix knowing when its time for it to

die, and being reborn and such.

Oliver Wood's accent is damn sexy. Heaven help me for finding some kid sexy,

even if its just his voice, but that's the way things go.

I was more impressed with Draco this time around, too. His hair didn't look

as creepy, and he's actually a pretty good actor.

Fawkes was perfect too. He's one of my absolute favorites, and he didn't

disappoint. **And I admit it, I got all teary eyed

when he cried on Harry. I'm such a girl
. **

Some scenes were definitely spiced up a bit for the visual appeal of the

movie version, particulary action sorts of scenes ** ie

Harry nearly falling out of the car in the movie. Although that led to the

gread added line "I think we found the train!" which was not in the


In general, I thought this installment stayed much truer to the book than

Sorcerer's/Philosopher's stone did. There were a few instancecs when I wanted

to kick it because they had changed something so obvious, but nowhere near

as often as with Stone. I think a lot of the problem with the movies is that

they tend to skip out on the subplots, as well as trying to fit into time

constraints, which squishes things together a bit too much, and makes it

feel like its all happening a bit too fast. That's why I prefer the books-

you can take time to drink it all in and come up with your own conculsions.

I have to wonder if people who haven't read the books really keep up.

I am, however, glad that they didn't spend too much time giving the backstory

from the first movie. It was more like "Well, if you're late, that's your

own fault. Try to be here for the beginning next time, you silly person you."

I have a feeling that if I hadn't seen the 1st movie (I keep wanting to call

it Episode 1. This is not Star Wars, Crystal, let it go.) and hadn't read

the books, I may have been squinting by the end saying "Volde-who?"

Snape was his usually sexy self. What IS it about Snape? For those of you

who don't follow along, there are mass crowds of female Potterheads who simply

adore Snape. Maybe it's the Bad Boy thing, maybe its Alan Rickman's silky

voice. We don't know. We just know we want in on the Snape love. The dueling

thing in this movie was sexy, along with the fact that he actually SMILED

at least once, but I'm not sure anything can top that scene in Sorcerer's

Stone where he bursts into the classroom with that whole speech about "There

will be no fooling wand waving.."etc. That one gets me every time.

Numerous times throughout the movie, I found myself thinking "I can't WAIT

till Azkaban comes out!" And just because I can't say it enough, if Ewan

isn't cast as Lupin in Azkaban, I will CRY. Its so perfect! You can't deny

it! Come on!!

Ok, sorry, but this is where I have to get very spoilerish, so go out and

see the movie so you can read the rest, ok?

**I was sad that they left out Nick's deathday party,

as I thought that would have been fun to see. They also left out the VERY

important part of Harry getting warned for the magic that Dobby did, which

led to the Dursleys finding out that he couldn't do magic away from home.

Important stuff, here!

I was feeling a lot more of a Harry/Hermione vibe this

time around, even though this is where her little thing with Ron starts.

No, I'm not shipping any particular couple, but that's what I saw.

I know we all want to ask. WHERE IS PEEVES? Why oh

why have you left him out for two whole movies? (err, em, he wasn't in the

first one, was he? I may be losing my mind.)

Is it just me, or is Ron now a girl? I mean that in

the most loving way possible, I really do, but the poor kid spends 90% of

the film crying or making terrified faces. Poor Ron. What happened to the

witty, snarky,  best lines in the book Ron?  And poor Fred and

George were silent the whole time!  Someone is anti-Weasley, I tell


Poor Errol. He's supposed to be half-dead, not just

stupid! Poor, poor Errol. Hooray Hedwig for being her sassy self again though!

I dig how they still stuck some minor characters in,

like how we got to see Scabbers even though he didn't have a role in this

movie (But oh, just you wait!)

The special effects were fabulous in some points, but

a lot with the flying car left something to be desired. I got that toy car

on fishing wire feel a few times. Come on, y'all, don't try to tell me you

don't have the budget!

And finally, what the HELL is up with that whole standing

ovation for Hagrid scene at the end? I love Hagrid as much as the next guy,

he's actually one of my favorites, but THAT WAS NOT IN THE BOOK! And, um,

I know we're all happy that Hagrid is back and out of Azkaban and all, but

WHAT UP with the STANDING OVATION? I guess they needed some way to end the

movie, and that ended up being convenient? Am I missing something really

major here? Um, help?

So, I know I got very critical here, but that's just

out of love. I actually think they did a fabulous job with this movie, but

it still doesn't hold a candle to the book. Yes, that last scene left me

scratching my head (I still am), but that's the only thing that really got

to me.

Have I mentioned I can't wait to see Prisoner of Azkaban?

If they don't cast Ewan as Lupin, who on earth would they cast? And what

about Sirius? Seriously, y'all, the entire adult female fan base will be

after you if they aren't sexy. We have needs here.

I have to say, I am losing faith in the educational system. I spent some time today looking over literature courses at some nearby colleges, in case I decide I have too much time this spring and want something to amuse myself with. Words can’t even begin to explain to you how disappointed I was.

One class’s webpage listed options for the class’s final paper. Among these options?

“Select a piece of literature and compare and contrast it to the movie version. Cite similarities and differences. Talk about things that were effective in the movie and things that worked for the book. Were some of these instances impossible to pull off in both realms? How so? Would the author be pleased or displeased with the movie version? Why or why not? Be specific.”

Oh, and it should be 6-10 pages. I kid you not. You don’t know how much I wish I was kidding. Six pages comparing a book and a movie, and they have a MONTH to do this in!!! Not a weekend! Not a day, but a MONTH! Being the non-college girl that I am, someone really needs to tell me here- is this sort of thing NORMAL? Have our standards for what is taught in college really dropped that low? What happened to actual learning? To challenging oneself? For the love of Shakespeare, this is depressing!

May I also ask why all of the classes that actually sound as if they would be worth showing up for are the ones with eighty prerequisites? Where is the love for the non-degree seeking chicklett who just wants to go study Shakespeare or British novelists for the fun of it, and does not have any desire to have to sit through (and pay for!) some mind-numbing class on how to write an essay just to qualify for the good classes?

One course catalog actually has notations under the writing classes that they are “writing intensive”. Because we could have never figured that part out.

I should also mention that I lost a lot of faith in our local universities due to those cable broadcast classes- the ones you can take via watching the shows and then showing up for exams. My personal favorite is the one on literature revolving around knights and quests and such, which I can’t remember the name of. I am baffled beyond belief how anyone could take such a fun topic and make it as utterly boring as they have managed. The teacher doesn’t seem excited about it at all, and punctuates his sentences by saying “Ummmmmmmmmmm” every third word or so. It saddens me so.

This is probably the point in this entry in which I need to tell you all just how much I love my high school English teacher Mrs. Logan. I had her for freshman English, she was one of the two teachers of my Humanities class my junior year, and was also my College Prep (heh, yeah, I know, we’ll get back to THAT) English teacher my senior year. Mrs. Logan was something like two feet tall and three inches wide (Okay, she may have hit five feet, but I wouldn’t put money on it), and walked faster than an third year med student. She had a language all her own, which we all learned and used to survive. For instance, “We’re going to have a little quizzie!” meant “Eight thousand point pop quiz now, start praying”. She was quirky in the best sort of way. The best part, however, was that she wasn’t afraid to expect us to have brains. I guess that her classes are a big reason why I’m so mystified with the papers I hear my college friends writing. We wrote 5 paragraph essays (a few pages) so often in Humanities that it became an art form. I can pop one of those puppies out in less than two hours, no problem. I guess we just did it because there was no other option. Research papers? I am the queen of procrastination there. My last two years of high school, the entire paper was done the weekend before it was due: The research, documentation, writing, everything. And yes, I always got good grades on them. Same situation with book reports- I’d read the book the day before the report was due, and write the paper that night. I think this says more about how I work better under pressure than spread out over time than it does about any sort of educational system though, so I digress.

One student, visiting from whichever university he was attending dropped in on our CP English class, and reported in all seriousness that “Mrs. Logan’s College Prep English is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life, unless you go to war.” Reading over these course descriptions, I’m starting to wonder if he was right.

I had so much more to say about the fantastic teachings of Mrs. Logan, how thanks to her I know Gatsby like the back of my hand, and other such tribute, but its now 3am, thanks to my tendency to get sidetracked so easily, and I’m just not on the same train of thought that I was when I started writing this.

In summary, I would very much appreciate it if someone could restore my faith in the educational system of this country. (Oh YEAH! That’s how this whole thing started! One of AOL’s headlines today was how people in the US knew nothing about geography. It made me think about how often you see things saying that Americans are basically stupid. We’re one of the few countries where being bilingual is a rarity instead of the norm, etc. That’s how we got on this rant) If you have college classes that are actually enlightening and challenging, please tell me so that I can stalk your professor, or at least have some faith.

And now, on a completely different note: Hi. I’m home from vacation, and although you may think otherwise, am in a mode of being completely brain dead. Once my brain actually starts functioning enough for me to be coherent, I’ll post about my lovely trip, and even share some photos. A full report is in the works, but I’m having to squeeze in getting it done while its still fresh in my brain with finishing up NaNoWriMo, so we’ll see how that goes. I also need to find a place to register a URL, and some web hosting, so if you have recommendations, please please please send them my way.

Finally, a quick shout-out to Television Without Pity for making up for my stupid VCR which failed to record a single one of the six shows I had it set to tape while I was gone. Thanks, TwoP! Also, if by some odd chance you happened to tape the last two episode of Gilmore Girls, or Dawson’s Creek from the 13th and would like to make me a very happy girl, let me know.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

This is Saturday night. I leave on Monday. MONDAY! And how very unprepared am I, you ask? OH so VERY unprepared!!! (Modus people, did you know that I find myself restraining myself to three exclamations whenever I write now, because I still have innate fear of the Candi effect, thinking my Word processor will screech at me or something?) I was going to get so much done in the way of trip-preparedness today, but then my sister came, which led to us going shopping, and I suddenly find myself at almost 8pm having accomplished only the paying of my phone bill in this day that was supposed to be a Day of Accomplishing Things. I have tomorrow at least, right? I was planning on having Monday morning for all of that last minute spastic running around and screaming, but Karen called and asked me if I could work for her on Monday morning, and when you are as super-broke dirt poor as I am, an extra $30 or $40 is quite appealing. Plus, I’ll be finished in plenty of time to leave for the airport, so it works out perfectly.

Tomorrow, I need to mail in my (very late) check for my car insurance, pay my (month late) Maurices card bill, and um… it seems like there was another bill to pay. Uh-oh.

I also need to wash socks. One should never underestimate the number of socks one will go through on a good Disney trip. I can usually go through three pairs a day, just because when your feet are that tired, nothing feels better than changing socks. I plan on borrowing my mother’s pedometer to wear while I’m in the parks this time, so I can see just how far I really walk. It doesn’t work all that well, but at least I can get some kind of idea.

I had three missions on our shopping trip today: Pay cell phone bill, get shoes, check Abercrombie for jeans. Mission One: Phone Bill was accomplished with flying colors. The little check machine at Cingular fascinates me. Mission 2: Get Shoes, did not go as well. Maurices had some really cute brown cordouroy tennis shoes with no heels (as in the part that goes around your heel is not there- they slide on) that I thought would have been extra-super-perfect for vacation, and they were on sale for ten dollars, but they did not have my size, or even something that would work. I was sad. Mission 3: Abercrombie was a crash and burn as well.

The story of the Abercrombie jeans you are about to hear does not make me proud, but it should be told. Last week, I was flipping through US Weekly, and there was a picture of Reese Witherspoon in these A&F Chelsea Flare jeans (I knew they were the Chelsea flares because she had left the tag on. Oops) Anyway, I decided that I wanted these jeans. I was in love with the Reese jeans. However, what I really needed were the khaki colored cords that I had tried on the week before. I thought they would be perfect vacation pants- not too hot, but very comfy and versatile. And they would look great with the brown tennis shoes that I still thought I would be getting. Well, as you can guess A&F was out of my cords. So, I tried on the Reese Witherspoon jeans, and fell madly in love with them. I’ve worn them like three times this week I am in such love with them. Well, I have decided, after all of this wearing, that they are really very loose, and I would like to look into a smaller size. That was today’s mission, but as you can guess, they didn’t have them. Oh, there was an abundance of size 4 and 2 and 0 and 00, but no 10 long. I admitted defeat and moved on.

And wow. That was a really long story about my Reese Witherspoon Jeans.

I went to lay down and let my mind stop freaking out for a few minutes, and fell asleep for over two hours. At least I’m not freaking out any more. I am still convinced that I’m going to forget something really really important like shoes or my digital camera or my driver’s license. Yuck.

Oh! We averted near-disaster tonight. While driving home from our shopping escapades in Springfield (Mary Ann was driving. She likes my car, and I like not having to drive for once), we had just passes Jack & Betsey’s ranch when we saw a deer on the side of the highway next to our lane, and about to walk out. Keep in mind that this is a very busy, 4-lane highway. The deer chose my car to walk in front of. Thankfully, he decided to stop in the middle of the right lane, and we were able to swerve into the left lane and miss him. Hedwig, the little car that could: 1 point, Kamakazi deer: 0.

I am still worrying that something huge is going to happen to prevent me from going on vacation. You may remember my constant doctor’s office freak outs last winter. “I can’t have strep throat! I go on vacation in 19 days!” “What do you mean my wisdom teeth have to go? I go on vacation in 2 weeks!” “What do you mean you are going to stick a video camera down my throat to look at my esophagus? I go on vacation tomorrow!”. First I thought that this year’s American Express struggle would be the crisis. Then I had the Tooth Incedent (I now have my permanent crown on, and it’s very pretty). The sad thing is that as the deer hopped into my lane, ,all that I thought was “Oh no. I’m going to die and not be able to got o Florida.”

My real concern right now is my dad. Ever since he had pnemonia last year, he’s had times when he doesn’t talk very clearly, and something is just off. Last night was by far the worst I’ve ever seen. Half the time he was speaking along the lines of “Well, I think.. (mumble mumble), what I mean to say is…. (pause..mumble mumble), Err, ,that is… (mumble mumble).” Or he would say things that made no sense. I asked him why he was sleeping in a chair instead of going to bed, and he said “Someone might steal it.” I asked again, thinking he may have misunderstood me, and he said “Nobody is there yet.” I asked yet again, and he replied “No, I’m tired.” It was freaky to say the least. I called mom at work and she decided to come home and keep an eye on him. We exchanged a lot of glances as he continued to do weird things like turning a lightbulb in his hands, examining it for like five minutes, and then trying to screw it into the TV set.

He was much better today, but its almost like he was drunk last night and his memory is distorted. I asked how he was feeling, and he looked at me like I was crazy. I said “Well, you weren’t feeling too well last night.” And he said that he was fine. I said “Dad, you weren’t even speaking in real words” and he said “Oh, I was just fooling around.” I overheard him tell his friend that he was perfectly fine, and that mom had been trying to talk him into going to the hospital because she was trying to get rid of him. Weird, weird, weird.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Sunday Sunday Sunday. I need to finish packing, and pay bills, clean fish tanks, and spend some quality time with Emmett and Tallulah. Oh my, I can not even begin to tell you how much guilt I have over leaving Lula alone for an entire eight days. I have never been away from her for more than a day since we got her. She sleeps with me almost every night. She watches TV with me. She’s like my little sidekick, or maybe I am hers. I feed the fish, she watches them. While I put on makeup, she plays in the bathroom sink. I will be so lonely without her, and I am worried that she will think I have abandoned her! Do other cat people feel like this, or am I crossing into Crazy Cat Lady territory? Is it wrong that I want to call home and have mom put the phone where she can hear me? I’ve lost it, I tell you.

I am SO behind on NaNoWriMo. According to my own little schedule, I should have 20,000 words by now, and I only have a little over 8,000. Maybe I can brainstorm some plot twists when I’m gone, and really tackle this thing when I get home. The sad thing is, when I get in the write mood, I can sit here and knock out 2,000 words in no time, but I just haven’t been in the mood.

I have more to write about, but its 4:30am, and I’m more than a little slap-happy, and so it will have to wait.

Friday, November 01, 2002

I can’t believe that I forgot to mention that I signed up for NaNoWriMo. I will be attempting to write a novel of 50,000 plus words in one month. One month! With an 8-day vacation smack dab in the middle of the month, and a trip report to write up upon returning from that, I know that actually reaching the 50,000 mark is going to be a very difficult goal. However, even if I only get around to writing 10,000 words, that’s still 10,000 words, and far more than I have been writing, so it will still be cause for rejoicing. The forums on the site are all kinds of fun. You have to be amused that the “I the myself and want to die” forum already has almost twice as many posts as the “This is going far better than I hoped’ forum.

Remember the filling that fell out of my tooth, and the consequential dentist appointment that I thought would be ever so easy- no drilling, just spackle that baby in and go! Oh, the innocence of days of yore. I managed to get an appointment at 10am on Monday, which was just perfect- late enough to not have to be up at the crack of dawn (ie 8am), and early enough that I could still work at 1:30. Well, guess what. The dentist decided that if he were to just refill the tooth, the chances of the filling just popping out again in the future were pretty good (and no, I don’t know why). He decided that what I really needed was a crown. A crown, which cost $740 vs. $200 for the filling. Oh, great joy. I asked him if he could just whack me over the head with something to knock me out insead of giving me novicane, but sadly that didn’t seem to be an option. In fact, he ended up giving me FOUR shots of novicane! Four! I hardly felt them being given, but soon the entire left half of my face, even extending partially down my neck, was very, very numb. The assistant, as last time I was there, was a girl named Amy that I had worked with at Dixie, so I got to make fun jokes along the lines of “wow, how many friends do I have that let me drool on them?” So, I now have a temporary crown, with plans to go back in on Nov. 7th to get it replaced with the permanent one. I’m STILL sore where I got the two shots in the front of my mouth (just behind my lip), but other than that its all pretty tolerable.

Thursday night Update (since I forgot to post this on Monday when I wrote it)

I started off NaNoWriMo at exactly midnight, and wrote 2199 words in my first hour. Not so shabby! If I can keep up my 2000 words a day, I will be ok!

I decided to do some fun makeup in celebration of Halloween, even though I wouldn’t be going anywhere, and was pretty sure we wouldn’t have any trick-or-treaters (we didn’t). I did some major eye makeup (think Rocky Horror), and then broke out my Halloween supplies that I picked up when they went on sale last year. I used the fake skin to make two punctures on my neck that looked like a bite, and dribbled blood down my neck below them (Gel blood ROCKS, by the way.) Then I used some cotton and a BUNCH of fake skin to make a disgusting swollen gash on my hand. I filled it with blood, and drizzled some around it. The fun part of this hideous open wound was that it was portable. I could peel it off my hand and stick it on my forehead, and suddenly resemble Massive Headwould Harry (A favorite SNL skit of days past), or I could stick it on my neck.. anywhere! I ended the night by adding a LOT more blood to my neck, and sticking it there. I took a bunch of photos, but my digital camera batteries are now dead, so those will have to wait.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I am looking forward to being a bum. Now if I just don’t have a repeat of last weekend and end up working.

Monday, October 28, 2002

It always happens the same way. Just when I am looking forward to a weekend, daydreaming about laying around watching movies and finishing library books, I end up having to work. This actually ended up being good, because I’ve made something like $150, which will help a lot seeing that my car payment is due Wednesday and I only have like $150 in the bank. Upon returning from delivering some blood to the hospital in Springfield last night, about an hour and 45 minutes round trip, they called back to see if I could go again. I’m kind of kicking myself for not going, since it would have been $75 more that I really need, but at the time there was just no way.

Last night was particularly interesting, because while chewing on a peach sucker, I lost a filling out of my bottom front tooth. Being Saturday night, there was no way I was going to have any luck getting in to a dentist, so I started looking online for answers as to what I should do until Monday. There are several over the counter products available that serve as a temporary filling, so I called mom and asked her to pick one up on the way home. I came across something else that would work in the mean time, however; one website had suggested to melt wax from a birthday candle and use that to seal up the hole. I tried that, and it worked very well. Except. Oh yes, there is always an except, isn’t there? The except, if you haven’t pieced together the first paragraph and this one, is that I got called on a stat run to the hospital. With blue birthday candle wax in my front teeth. What could I do? I went. Once again, following the laws of nature, the guy working in specimen receiving was painfully good looking. And I had blue wax in my teeth. And a lisp, caused by said wax.

Thankfully, mom arrived with a sort of cement mixture made for replacing lost fillings. I packed it in, and have to admit it’s a lot less noticeable in color than the electric blue wax. It stayed in perfectly while I slept, which had been my main worry, because the underlying tooth is very, very sharp, and I did not want it to terrorize my tongue.

I have grown accustomed to my early morning wake-ups, compliments of miss Tallulah Jane. Every morning, mom lets her in the house around 8am to eat, and every morning, she decides that I am more important than food, and promptly runs into my bedroom and hops into bed with me. I love it. I think we have finally discovered a way to wake me up that does not make me grumpy- it’s a miracle!

So, Lula woke me up around 8, as usual, and I promptly fell back asleep until 10:30 when work called with yet another hospital run. This one was stat too, so guess that that meant? No time for makeup. No time to wash my hair, which I must say was looking really bad. I threw on a sweatshirt and a baseball cap, and was out the door. Do I even need to tell you how cute the guy working in specimen receiving was today?

And yes, of course I took pictures of the missing filling, as well as the blue tooth wax.

Today I am going through allllll of my links to journals and blogs. I’m deleting the ones that are no longer around, and organizing the rest into a page of links divided between those I read on a daily basis, and those I read once in a while. I’m hoping this will make life easier, and my bookmark folder cleaner, but we’ll have to wait and see.

I am not at ALL excited at having to go to the dentist first thing tomorrow. A filling cant be TOO bad when most of the drilling is already done though, right? The part I dread is that it seems like every time I go to the dentist, they make it their mission to find something ELSE wrong, and then you have appointments from here to eternity. Well, there’s also some dread for that huge freaking novicane needle.

Its funny, because just yesterday morning, I was thinking about how there is always a mini-crisis right before I go on vacation. One May, it was Emmett slicing his neck open a few days before I left, last year I had strep throat and the wisdom tooth issue, and I was thinking that my whole AmEx trauma, and delay of the money from California were going to be all the drama this year, and I was pretty happy about that. I should have know! Of course, there is always a plus side in my world, and I guess that the filling was going to come out, so its better that it came out before I went, because finding a dentist on vacation would have sucked big time.

Wow! I’m watching pro rodeo on tv, and this bull rider actually broke his neck at some point in the past, and is back riding bulls. That’s crazyness!

I must be a little behind in the news, because I just now found out that Richard Harris (beloved by me as Professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter) died. I knew things weren’t looking good for him, but this still makes me very, very sad. He was so perfect as Albus! So very perfect!

Sunday, October 20, 2002

While looking through my archives a few nights ago, it occurred to me that I’ve been doing this for well over two years now.

In honor of my two year anniversary, I think I may finally break down and get my own domain. I spent most of my afternoon drive (is it a commute?) trying to come up with a domain name, and believe it or not, a title for my journal. Monumental, huh? It’s a hard decision to make. Tallulah suggests that it be called “The life and times of Tallulah Jane”, or “Lula is the Coolest Kitten Ever.” But I think I may have to pass on those. Let her get her own journal! (Ooh, now there’s an idea…) Coming up with a url & title would be much easier, if I had a cool nickname like Mightygirl or Pineapple Girl or Mo Pie.. but I don’t! Poor me. I hear you crying for me. Anyway, I have some ideas in mind (and on post-it!), but am still very very open to suggestions. Very. As in email me some ideas or else.

While reading through various entries on Journalcon 2002, I’ve followed links to journals of the attendees, and then followed links on their sites, and links on those sites, and now I have so many new journals bookmarked that I’m not sure what to do with myself. I’ve always had way too many to keep up with, but now I’ve got so many GOOD ones that I’d like to read on a regular basis, that I fear it’s near impossible!

My mom makes up words.

Mom: What gave you that enipulation? (meaning “what gave you that idea?”)

Me: HUH?

Mom: Is enipulation a word?

Me: Sounds like some sort of breast plastic surgery.

(At this point in writing this entry on Tuesday night, I realized that it was 4am, and that I had to wake up at 8am, and I still had to take a shower. Oops.)

Have I mentioned how much I loooooove the band Switchfoot? We’re talking considering naming my first child Switchfoot or something. You need to go download Only Hope, Learning to Breathe, Dare you to Move, and anything else you can find by Switchfoot, but especially those three songs. Or, I guess you could go buy the CD, but who does that anymore?

I’ve been spending a ton of time playing with Lula lately. She’s so smart and inventive and playful- she gets the joke behind things. We spent about 10 minutes the other day with me putting the plug in the bathtub drain, and her taking it back out. Right now she’s on my bed playing with her little stuffed kitten we call Mini Me. She is the epitome of cuteness and love, and I absolutely must post some pictures soon.

Saturday we had classes from 9am-4pm at the Woods resort. Unfortunatly, I failed to find out which building they were in, and ended up driving around aimlessly following pink cadillacs (Because a director must know where she’s going, right?) until I spotted a woman with a MK umbrella and went to ask her for directions. Turns out my Cadillac following was all in vain, because we were split up into different areas depending on our level. I’m not going to blab on about the details of every class, but I have to say that I am now totally in love with Cheryl Warfield. She has such incredible presence. Plus, to see that she was like me when she started – she had 7 credit cards maxxed out, and now she makes about $40k a month? That’s inspiring. One of my favorite quotes from her- “Mary Kay is one of the best self-improvement courses I’ve been paid to take!”. I also liked “In comparing yourself to others, you are comparing your bad qualities to her good, and there’s just no way to win that.”, and my favorite, “Hope is confident expectation.”

One of the last things we talked about was this big challenge for those who already had 5 people on their team to submit for DIQ (Director in Qualification- you grow your team from 8-30 in 3 months to become a director) on November 1st. When Deb went up on stage to tell Pat she would be submitting Nov. 1, and hugged her, I started getting teary-eyed. When Deb came back, I went over to hug her and said “You’re going to do it”, and then of course I lost it. By this time, a line of people had put their arms around each other and were swaying to the music. Everyone started joining in, and the next thing you know we look like something out of a cheesey chick flick, with everyone in the room in a big circle with our arms around each other, and yet it didn’t feel cheesey. It felt powerful, and like a sisterhood.

I’ll be submitting January 1, 2003.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Its 8:24 am, and I have a few minutes to kill before I head off to my MK retreat. We have classes from 9am-4pm today and tomorrow. It should be fun, but right now I'm just trying to wake up, and stop hiccuping. Yesterday was completly exhausting- I left the house at 8:15am, and didnt get home till 8pm. I did tickets for Karen (had to go to 26 different theaters), my bank run, Dr. Kryger's office, and then Monica's run to two doctor's offices in Branson West & Kimberling City. Busy doesn't even begin to describe it! Traffic was like some sort of cruel kamikazi mission, and I had to get quite creative to get around to as many theaters as possible without getting on the main highway. Thank you Starbucks, for getting me through this great ordeal.

When I got home, I devoured my turkey sandwich from Subway, and settled in to watch The Skulls, which was good in a very "josh jackson is incredibly sexy" sort of way.

We're supposed to get lunch at the retreat, but I have no idea if what they serve will even be something I can eat, so I'm not counting on it. And now I must put on my shoes and get out of here. Classes start "promptly at 9am", so we need to be there at 8:45. It takes 5 minutes to get over to the resort, so I guess I don't need to leave quite yet, but I might as well, since I have nothing better to do.

Sunday, October 13, 2002

I almost went to bed without an entry today, but managed to come up some energy at the last minute. Lets see how long I last.

My mom came home from work about a half hour after she had gotten there, so I knew something was up. It turned out that her oldest brother had died, so the mood around here has been pretty somber all day. Its always hard to know what to do in a situation where you know someone is taking something really hard, but I could tell she mostly wanted to be alone, so I gave her that. My dad, on the other hand, ranted about how incompetent he thinks his lawyer is, as he does on a daily basis.

On a much brighter note, this morning as I was getting ready to get in the shower, I realized I needed to call AmEx again before mom went to work. So, wearing a towel (Yeah, we’re talking RIGHT as I was getting ready to get in the shower), I dialed them up for the fifty millionth time, and about fainted—the guy I ended up talking to spoke perfectly clearly. I was in shock. When I handed the phone to mom, she absolutely cracked me up by exclaiming “WOW! Someone who speaks English!”. You have to know how quiet my mom is to get how unbelievably funny this was. I totally don’t mean to be demeaning towards the other people we had spoken with, but don’t you think that if you are hiring someone who will be doing customer service over the PHONE, particularly about something people are as sensitive about as their credit cards, that they should at least be able to speak clearly enough for people to understand them?

Anyway, Guy We Could Understand got all the usual info, and lo and behold, unless this is just another false alarm, I shall have my shiny new AmEx card in 7-10 days. This means I’ll be getting it 2-3 weeks before I leave. Which means that if it doesn’t arrive on schedule, I am going to be very, very screwed and go into total panic mode.

I am getting giddy at how close to vacation I am. I swear, planning is more than half the fun for me. There is no reason any human being should be as excited as I am to buy travel-sized toothpaste tomorrow.

And yes, I know I have been babbling about this upcoming trip for days now, but just be glad you aren’t my boss Lou last year, who got to hear EVERY single morning- “Morning, Lou! 76 days till Florida!” (Um, obviously substituting the right number. I think I actually started at something like 128, though.) Vacation is serious business around here.

However, just for the sake of complete contradiction, I should point out here that the only think I know about my Vegas Birthday trip is that a) it will be at some point during/after my birthday, b) it will be in Vegas, and c) we’ve decided on something like 3 or 4 days. My theory on this is that Vegas is Vegas!! (And when someone says “Hey, what’s up?”…) Vegas doesn’t require the planning that Disney does. People don’t make breakfast reservations at 6am exactly 60 days before for Vegas. There are no parade times to learn or fireworks viewing spots to know, or at least if there are, I’m blissfully ignorant. I suppose the thing is that if I miss out on dining at a restaurant with the best breadsticks in the world while I’m there, I’ll never miss it. On the other hand, if I don’t get my Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup with Pretzel bread from Epcot, I very well may cry. Mmmm, Le Cellier cheese soup… only 30 days away….

I still haven’t managed to get over to Pat’s house to pay for the retreat next weekend. I really want to go- one of the NSD’s speaking makes $50,000-$80,000 a MONTH, and the others are equally interesting, but I guess I won’t be broken hearted if I can’t go, or else I would have gotten my bootie over to Pat’s already. I will call her secretary Monday morning and see if I can pay then, since I have no bank run on Monday (YAY, government holidays!). I did buy a cute black skirt for the retreat, so it will be a shame if I don’t get to use it.

I got the fall Pottery Barn catalogs in the mail today, and as usual, I would like one of everything, please. I’m getting a very good idea of exactly how I want The Apartment to look. Daybed in the living room instead of a sofa, since I’ll probably end up sleeping there most of the time anyway, bookshelves covering the wall behind said daybed, sheer curtains, etc. All I need is a billion dollars for furniture and a house to put them in, and I will be in business, baby!

Speaking of which, the Great E-Bay Search for Fun Kitchen Stuff continues. I found dinner plates exactly like some of the ones we have today (For $1.99! Woohoo!), but am yet to find anything so undeniably cute that I have to buy it. We’re looking for camel-shaped salt shakers, plates with hotel logos, etc. If you get bored and want to browse ebay for me, go ahead, and I’ll love ya for it. Anyone who can find me the pac-man glasses that Pizza Hut gave away in the 80’s wins my undying love. Find me any of the stuff that I will see once again in WDW and have to pass up because its too expensive, and I will love you even more.

Tallulah played in my bathtub for at least ten minutes today (No water in the tub, just the faucet on really low. She drinks it like a water fountain, then attacks it, then splashes it…). Then she stole the plug out of my bathroom sink and tried to carry it off. She finally had to go back outside when mom walked in the kitchen only to find Lula in the kitchen sink. I think we’ve created a monster.

I have something that I very much need to discuss with Kel, but she hasn’t been around in ages. I could discuss it here, but I’m just not up to that. I somewhat envy the journalers who are able to write about absolutely everything in their lives, but I’m nowhere near that point. Just saying that there is something bothering me takes some weight off my shoulders, at least. And no, please don’t IM me and ask, because unless your name is Kelly and you have found yourself holding a beer from the floor, chances are I’m not going to discuss it. I still love you though.

Saturday, October 12, 2002

I have such admiration and envy for journalers like Bev, who manage to post articulate, funny, interesting entries every day. Every single day! How do they do it? I have much to learn. They really need to teach this stuff somewhere.

I am very sweaty. For some reason, I finally got in the mood to do some form of exercise tonight. At first I was leaning towards yoga, because heaven knows my muscles could use some stretching, but decided on belly dance at the last minute. That ended up being perfect- I feel worked out without feeling like the video kicked my ass. When I want a good old fashioned ass kicking, I turn to Buns of Steel. I love that video in ways words just can’t describe. Probably because I haven’t done it in over a year. I did the Basic Dance video tonight (I have Basic Dance & Beyond Basic Dance). I’m actually getting better at it, and I set up a mirror by my tv tonight so I could see how the movements looked. Being able to watch yourself is priceless, in two ways. First, you can see how what you think you’re doing differs from what you’re actually doing, and second, if you’re me at least, you get to watch yourself flop around like a drowning earthworm trying to look graceful. (Not my best simile ever, I know, but that’s what came to mind. Maybe they also need to teach “descriptive figures of speech” along with “Writing Good Stuff Every Day”)

Veena and Neena live in my dvd player, but I just found out they teach classes in LA, so now I have to move there.

One thing I am really looking forward to about my Disney trip (just one?) is that in Morocco in the world showcase in Epcot, they have a belly dancing chick. I promise I will not swoon, as she is about eight million times better than I am. But don’t think I won’t video tape it and try to do what she did when I get home. I want to buy one of those scarves with the little metal coins that you tie around your hips, too- the kind that makes fun noises when you shake your hips. I remember them being in one of the stores in Morocco the last time I was there, so they are on my Must Buy list this time. (Keep in mind that my souvineer budget for this trip is like, $2, so they better be cheap!). I adore the Morocco pavilion, if you can’t tell. It’s the only one in Epcot that is actually sponsored by the country itself. Apparently when the World Showcase was being built, they origionally planned on including one pavilion to cover pretty much all of Africa. Well, funding fell through, or something like that, and when the King of Morocco heard about it, he sent some of his people over to create a pavilion of Morocco. I adore it. It is set up to portray the cities of Fez, Marrakesh, and Casablanca. If you read my journal last year, you will know that I met a cute Moroccan guy whose name was Ali. He said he would take me to Morocco to see the camels. Think I can still hold him to this? Oh! And they have henna tattoos there, too! In the pavilion, that is! They are like $40, but I have already put one into my budget. YAY! I am way, way excited about the henna tattoo.

And yes, I am the same girl who wrote that big long post a few months ago when Pat, my NSD, got back from Morocco, where I ranted about how few rights women have there, and how screwed up the status quo was, etc. etc. etc. So, they have some stuff to work on, but a place with henna tattoos and belly dancing and camels and guys named Ali? I’m so there.

One update on the vacation panic/AmEx struggle- After the lady said she had re-activated my card last night, and it still didn’t work, I decided I would just call back today. Well, the guy I talked to said that my card was no longer good, and I would have to get a new one. For that, he needed the security number off mom’s card, since my account is under hers. My mother, being related to me and all, obviously hadn’t seen her AmEx card since about two years go, so she’s in the process of searching for it. Luckily, once we find it, my new card will be here in about a week. That still puts me way closer to my deadline than I’d like, but it will still be soon enough to pay the deposit on my Disney Ghetto Hotel room, and book a flight without paying too much.

Friday, October 11, 2002


If you can’t tell, I’m a bit stressed ;-) I decided to go ahead and buy my plane tickets tonight, and was pretty excited about that. I found a good rate on of $189, and life was pretty good. Well, then the website declined my credit card. I tried again- declined again. I called American Express to see what was up. The lady I talked to had a VERY heavy accent, but I managed to find out that the primary card holder (my dear mother) had canceled my card. (Mine is under hers—apparently AmEx is smart enough not to approve people like me, so I had to be one of those “additional card for..” people)

Well, I decided to grab mom and call back, since they needed to have her approve it, and I was hoping for someone who I could understand. I got a different lady this time, with, if possible, even MORE of an accent, and who seemed to be having almost as much trouble understanding me as I did her. She finally said that because my card was less than a year old, I’d have to call a different number to get it activated. I wrote down the number she gave me, and even read it back to her to make sure I hadn’t misunderstood it. Well, when I called, it was the pay by phone number. I pushed 0 to talk to a person, and the guy informed me that “This is the pay by phone department, we don’t cover that sort of thing.” No offer to connect me to someone else, or another number, or anything. Ick. Well, very hesitantly, I called Customer Service again, and got a lady with a different accent, but who spoke clearly enough to understand. Yay! She activated my card for me, and there was much rejoicing. Well, then I went back to hotwire to buy my tickets, and it still declined my card. I think I’m going to give up for tonight, and try again tomorrow. The only problem is that with Hotwire, you cant do the same search more than once every 48 hours, so I will have to either find equally cheap tickets elsewhere, or wait till Saturday night. YUCK.

So, there’s my whiny entry for now. If this is the worst problem I have regarding trip planning, I guess life isn’t so bad. I am not particularly thrilled with mom for canceling the card that I am relying on to pay for like 70% of my trip, and not actually mentioning this to me. I am more than a little worried that I wont get it straightened out in time. I think right now I’m just too mentally exhausted to deal with it. Perhaps someday I will actually have enough money to pay cash for a vacation, and not have to deal with this stuff anymore.

On a more amusing note.. today Susie called me right as I was pulling into the gas station to fill up (an every-other-day occurrence, thanks to work). Apparently you aren’t supposed to use cell phones while you fill your tank, so I was finishing the conversation standing next to the gas pump. Well, years of riding and riding lessons have given me the habit of stretching my calf muscles any time I get a chance—you know when you stand on the edge of a ledge like a staircase or something, with your heels hanging over the edge, and just let your weight stretch the muscles? Its hard to describe, but anyway- I was doing that out of habit, standing on the little ledge around the gas pump. Well, apparently my shoes were slippery, because instead of stretching, I slid right off, and slammed into the gas pump on my way down. Being metal, the pump made a loud noise as I crashed into it. I’m not sure if anyone saw, but I felt pretty stupid, and I’m hard to embarrass.

When I went in to pay, I got into a conversation with the guys working there, who had been sitting there admiring my car. I couldn’t help but wonder if they had seen my lovely display of grace while they were looking at it, but they didn’t mention it if they did. On the way out, I overheard the lady at the next pump saying “When someone says ‘Hey, what’s up?’, they mean ‘Hey, what’s up?’”, and the person with her agreeing as if this was some profound statement. I sure wish I could have heard the rest of that conversation.

Despite my credit card issues, I’m still way excited about trip planning. I spent most of my free time today reading trip reports over on the dis boards. There is nothing like a well-written trip report to really get me in the mood. Here is some of the stuff I still need to do before I go:

*Buy plane tickets (Was going to be accomplished tonight, but we see how that worked out)

*Reserve All Star Music Resort for the first night of my trip (Affectinatly known to me as the Disney Ghetto Hotel. Its not bad by any means, but All Stars are the “value” resorts, so being a Deluxe Resort girl at heart, its in my job description to make fun of anything without a monorail)

*Make reservations for “Undiscovered Future World” tour at Epcot. Maybe. Or make reservations for “Wild By Design” at Animal Kingdom, or “Undiscovered World Showcase”.

*Decide which backstage tour to take, dammit. (See above)

*Buy rechargeable batteries and battery charger

*Find out what Nate’s itinerary is, and plan my own accordingly

*Decide if I want Priority Seatings for any of my meals, and make them if necessary

*Finish making new pockets for my PassPorter. (I was just going to order new ones, but they are $6 and shipping is like $7, so I decided to try making my own. You should still turn to PassPorter for all your Disney guidebook needs, though, as they are quite lovely.) (If I promote it enough, will you guys buy me a drink next time, Jennifer & Dave?

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Tallulah Jane has a new hobby. If you turn the water on in the sink, she climbs in and bats the water with her paw and bites it. I think she has actually figured out how to drink it water-fountain style. Last night mom found her in my bathroom repeatedly taking out and replacing the plug in the bathroom sink. I don’t know if she is gifted or a plumber in a former life. And, um, just for clarification, aren’t cats supposed to.. dislike water? She gets her whole head soaking wet while playing, and doesn’t appear to care. I love my kitten.

My dad was watching wrestling the other night, WWE, I think. He watches it every week, but I was in the kitchen making enchiladas this time, so I was actually there to witness some of it. They had what they called the Women’s Championships, in which the first girl to strip the other one down to her bra & panties and then spank her with a paddle won. What kind of out-of-work porn writers come UP with this stuff?

Monday night, Deb and I were the only seasoned consultants at the meeting (ie non-newbies), so we got to hang out in the living room and discuss ideas, and play with the new products and such. We got on the subject of our awful memories again (Focus Factor!) and she confessed that she had a note by her computer that says “Before 10am or after 8pm”. She has no idea what this is in reference to. Woman after my own heart.

Tuesday. After dropping off my delivery at the bank, I did something unspeakable: I went to McDonalds, and got a cheeseburger and fries. I have not eaten a cheeseburger in at least a year, probably much longer. It was pretty horrible, but my body was craving meat, so it worked. Eating it brought back memories of my high school speech tournament days. We ate a lot of fast food back in those days. A lot. I kinda miss it. Then again, I got an ulcer about that same time. Maybe not so much of the missing.

I am sick. I woke up yesterday morning with my nose running and feeling awfulIt was about 60 degrees today, and very overcast, the kind of day that makes bed irresistible. I typed up most of this entry in between jobs, but was silly enough to forget to post it, so now I’m going through and changing “today’s” to yesterdays, etc. I’m somewhere between feeling better, worse, and the same today. All at once.

In terribly exciting news, I ordered new checks (I’m down to three), and new business cards last night. I got my checks from MK, so they have cute lipstick and such on them. I haven’t had business cards with my correct address on them for like a year, so I think that ordering new ones was justifiable, too.

I have to run by Pat’s office tomorrow, because apparently I’m the only one who hasn’t gotten around to paying for the retreat yet. I’m such a delinquent little beauty consultant. I wasn’t really going to go, but then I realized that not going would be stupid, since people are flying in form all over the country for these seminars, and I live 5 minutes away. Classes from people who make more in a month than I have made in my entire life are always a good thing. Maybe some of it will rub off.

I know that just a few days ago, I was whining about having to give up sandals and bare feet, but I am rediscovering the joy of boots. Did you know that I am about 6’2 in most of my boots? I have forgotten how much fun that is.

This morning, before I started feeling all sickly, it occurred to me as I was driving that it was Wednesday. At this realization, I bounced up and down in my seat and clapped. Why you ask? Because Wednesdays are free pizza days? Nope. Because world peace will come on a Wednesday? Nope. Because Wednesdays are Dawson’s Creek days, and that means Joshua Jackson. I have an addiction here. And then they go and stick him in all this sexy business attire this year and stick sexy-manly facial hair on him and its just more than I can handle. I have started taping the show. And you will use this all against me sometime in the future, won’t you? Yeah, I know.

I have 4 dvd’s out from Netflix, and I just haven’t been in a DVD kinda mood. This is very unlike me. I only have one episode of Sex & the City left to watch on my Season 3-Disk 2, and I think I’m putting it off because once I watch it, there will be no more new Sex & the City for me until Season 4 comes out on DVD. This makes me very sad –probably sadder than it should.

While I was walking through the mall today, a chick from one of those random booths selling stuff in between stores asked if I’d like to try this manicure thing. I glanced at my ghetto-looking chipped nail polish, and figured it couldn’t hurt. This woman was a Nail Goddess. Somehow, with the use of this rectangular thingey, my nail looks almost fake. It is smooth and shiny, and doesn’t look at all like something that should be attached to the same hand as all of these other nails. I must go buy this thingey, and then recruit the girl to work for me.

Monday, October 07, 2002

Me: You know, maybe its true that birthdays get better as you get older. I mean, I spent my 20th birthday at Disney World, and I'm celebrating my 21st in Vegas. Man, where am I going to go for my 22nd?

Mom: Probably Hell.

(This would be the part where Crystal falls on the floor laughing)

I was just caught quite unaware, thanks to Kymm’s entry, that I will soon have to abandon sandals due to the declining temperatures, and once again have to Now, don’t get me wrong, I love shoes, in a very Carrie-on-Sex & the City-way… they are prized possessions! A girl can never have enough shoes. However, that doesn’t mean that I like to wear them! I would be barefoot all the time if possible, save those rare occasions when I get dressed up, in which case wearing cute shoes is fun.

Is it really wrong that I really want to buy this for Tallulah? It was mentioned over at The Usual Suspects, and it sounds like something that would be worth the money if she will actually watch it. She does dig tv. She just fell asleep on my bed watching TV, and is now laying with a paw over one eye, as if to block the light, and twitching every now and then. I wish I knew what she was dreaming about.

Tomorrow is Monday. Mondays have become, in my world, these hyper-busy run run run, no time to eat, sleep, or breathe, too much to do days. Actually, every week day has been like that lately, but as a result, bills are actually being paid not only on time, but early. My last check was over a hundred dollars more than I expected, which was very nice. Anyway, I’m doing tickets tomorrow morning, which makes me happy because its lots of fun and pays like crazy. Then I have my usual People’s Bank & Kryger runs, and then I get to drive as quickly as possible over to the MK Condo for my Mary Kay Meeting, hopefully having had enough time at some point before then to get dressed for the meeting. Mondays are fun. The funny thing is that I am not being sarcastic, I actually mean that. I am out of the house for 13 hours straight, but its still one of my favorite days. Crazy, huh?

Speaking of MK, I hope that nobody watched that “Hell on Heels” MK movie on CBS tonight. Yuck. It turns out that CBS never contacted MK Corporate offices for ANY kind of info, so the entire thing is basically made up. I recognized some quotes in there that Mary Kay actually said, but they were presented in a very different tone. I was discussing it with some other consultants, and none of us can figure out the point behind the movie. All it did was make Beauti Control look like a terrible company, and show Mary Kay Ash in a bad light. However, the company as a whole has decided not to respond, as all that would do would be to give cbs and the movie a lot of media exposure, so the general idea is to just let it pass.

I’m hoping to make my flight reservations tomorrow, which frankly scares me to death, as I still haven’t been able to set my plans in stone. I’m emailing my travel agent Carole about some hotel changes right now, and will probably plan my flight around that. In the mean time, I am FREAKING OUT. I would normally practically be packed by now, with my little list of PS numbers and OH MY GOSH I haven’t even bought updates for my passporter yet… Eep.

Do you know how many times I have actually considered just canceling this vacation and putting the money towards bills and inventory and such? But then I remember that if I DON’T get away soon, I very well may lose it, and I think about Nate cavorting around in Epcot without me, and that makes me sad. Oh, and I’m really craving a dole whip and some cheddar cheese soup, and I need new Lucky Cats and a bigger Party Buddha. So Basically, I have to go.

I have more to write, but I have to be up in seven and a half hours, and so I guess it will just have to wait.

Oh, and Kelly has been abducted by aliens. Please return her if you find her, and I will give you a cookie.