Saturday, January 12, 2002

"History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme"-Mark Twain

Today at work I started reading Blue Highways by Least Heat Moon, which was reccommended by him, who I have a healthy infatuation with to begin with, but even more when he reccommends good books too. Anyway, reading about all this driving around made me want to drive around somewhere, so around noon I decided to go look at some cars I had heard about over in Branson West. I got there, and low and behold, they had 2 red mustang convertibles with tan (camel-colored?) tops. Yummy! One was well within my price range, so I sat down to talk financing. The guy went off to check my credit, and I was actually a bit disturbed when less than 5 minutes later he came back with a computer print out that listed all my credit cards and how much I owed on them. Even I dont know this! (Then again, when the credit card bill comes, I kinda close my eyes and pray and just hand it to mom with a check and postage) It will be a while before I decide what I want to do, because I take a long time to make big decisions. Hell, I take a long time to make small decisions. I am well known for watching the tank for half an hour before picking out a 27-cent goldfish at Wal-Mart, but ya know what? My fish dont die.

Oh, and go take Kelly's poll about orange juice prefrences. Sadly, Screwdriver is not a choice.

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