Monday, January 07, 2002

I am starting to worry about surviving on the lovely trip to Eurpoe Kel and I are planning for next summer (2003). Am I worried about dying in a plane crash? Nah. Terrorist attacks? Nope. Falling off the Eiffel Tower? Nope again. What concerns me is that I shall die from a)starvation or b)being violently kicked by restaurant managers when I laugh my ass off at their menu.

Example 1, from This lovely restaurant in London's dessert menu: Spotted Dick: Not what you might be thinking! A steamed suet sponge with sultanas.-£3.25

Example 2, from this restaurant in Bern: Senatoren-Röschti : a cow-, Kalbs- and a porc fillet from the grill, decorate with bacon, porc-, Kalbswürsten and chippolatas, served with a senf-sauce

Example 3, from same restaurant as 2-Tessiner-Röschti: two filets of porc with cuts of tomatoes from the grill, decorate with cuts of raw ham and some egg

I'm all for eating the local cuisine, but I think I'll pass on the "raw ham and some egg", thanks. :)

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