Wednesday, January 23, 2002

I love how sometimes things just fall into place when you least expect it! I'm in the best mood today. First, its 71 degrees outside! There was snow yesterday, and now its t-shirt weather. This has been one of the strangest winters weather-wise that I can recall in a long time. Next, Im happy because in a mere 24 minutes, the Travel Channel will have Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge (DAK Lodge) on "Great Hotels". My VCR is ready, baby! I wish they would show the Poly or the Wilderness Lodge, but DAK Lodge is in my top 5 favorites, so it will be really great to see it again!

My third (main!) reason for being happy was that Rich called out of nowhere last night to say he would be able to come visit after all! After a few hours of bouncing off the walls, I settled down enough for us to look up airfares and decide on dates. Its tentativly looking like he will be here the 31st through the 8th- Just over a week from now!!! I am unbelievably happy and excited.

Of course, all things come in ballance. There's a possibility I might get laid off from work for a few weeks because things are so slow lately. If I can get unemployment, that will be fantastic, but I'm not positive if I can due to the conditions I left Dixie under. Cross your figners! Also, dad got his tests run yesterday, so we will find out by Friday what's up. I'm pretty confident that he doesn't have cancer, but I want to be prepared for any news that we get.

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