Sunday, January 27, 2002

I really wish there was an international hand signal for "Nice turn signal,buddy!".

I got to work about 11 this morning, and Lou wasn't there. I opened the freezer and yup, sure enough, we were out of cookie dough. I hope we get some in tomorrow, I really need the hours! Having no work to do today, I went to wal-mart to say hi to mom. I was on my way back to the restroom when an older man walked past me, obviously in a hurry to get there. I almost laughed out loud when he walked straight into the women's restroom door!! Knowing I would crack up if I walked in, I hung out by the shoes for a minute, and he didnt come out!! Oh, too funny.

And, in sad news, my shark Rocky died last night. Rest in peace, litte fish stick.

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