Sunday, January 13, 2002

I saw the oddest thing while driving home from work; This car was tied to a jeep with some thick yellow rope, and the jeep was, I suppose, pulling it. There was a guy sitting in the car steering... I suppose this is what happens when you are too cheap (or broke!) to call a tow truck.

I got a new fish today! He is red and purple, and his name is Bernard Mickey Wrangle, aka "The Woodpecker". I like him a lot.

According to the Sex & The City Quiz, I'm 60% Carrie, 30% Charlotte, and 10% Miranda.

"Your answers peg you as a Carrie-type, much influenced by the Air Sign qualities associated with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Like confident Carrie, a sex columnist, you're curious and perceptive, always seeking answers and never satisfied with the superficial. An Air Sign influence can lead to indecision and an avoidance of tough issues, like with Carrie and her on-again, off-again attachment to Mr. Big. Forward-thinking, incredibly intelligent and witty, you just exude quirky charm. You'd be utterly bored by someone who's just a pretty face or hot body -- though you don't mind looking and flirting! You're more turned on by an equally smart and funny mate, someone who challenges your mind and makes you laugh. You love to talk, so you need a good listener who's open to playful and eccentric ideas about love and lovemaking."

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