Tuesday, January 01, 2002

I think that my computer has a really, really sick sense of humor. It sits here quite unassumingly, you see, but its plotting all the while. Its thinking "I'll just wait until she's typed around 500 words and she's almost ready to post, and then! Right then when she least expects it, I'm just gonna freeze up and make her lose it all! ALL I say! Muahahahah!". My computer sounds a bit like Edgar Allen Poe. Well, getting back to the point, lets see if I can remember a bit about what I just typed.

Dad came home from the hospital yesterday, and although he is still sleeping a lot, he's doing a lot better. With all the family gone and dad home, life is starting to get back to normal. And for once, normal feels good.

Ever since we moved, every day as I'm driving to and from work, a cute little car has watched me pass, begging me to come save it from the car lot and take it home with me. Yesterday I finally stopped to say hello to it, and I must admit, I'm quite smitten. I really miss driving a sports car, and I'm really considering trading in my truck. Next to the car that caught my attention, a green Eclipse Spyder Convertible was a red Eagle Talon, that was almost as cute, and $4000 less. This is when I got to thinking: If I were to get this car, I wouldn't have to make truck payments anymore. I like this idea. Tomorrow I shall go a test-drivin.

It still feels really good to be away from Dixie. As a somewhat direct result of thinking about what I'm leaving behind, I've been enjoying my cookie job more. How can you not love a job where you spend your boss's lunch break dancing around the kitchen, singing "I Want You To Want Me" into a spatula. ("Magic Carpet Rides" on the oriental rug in the hallway are a lot of fun when the floor has just been waxed, too)

Link of the day: Cloudwrangler.com I've only read a few days of it so far, so I'm not sure if its Crystal's Link Section Worthy yet, but we shall see.

A public service announcement to women everywhere: Losing weight is hazardous to your bank account. For as long as I can remember, if I were to go to whatever clothing store and take 10 items into the dressing room, I would be lucky to find one that I actually ended up wanting. They always look so much better on the rack. Now, however, if I take 10 items into the dressing room, I want 8 of them. And worse? I end up getting about 5. I have spent more on clothes in the past month than in the 11 months that came before it this year. But you know what? I look good, and its worth every ounce of credit card debt :)

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