Sunday, January 20, 2002

Snow snow, go away,

Come again....umm.. some day in mid-August when its 90* out and you would actually be interresting to have around!

My front yard is starting to resemble a swamp. The ground is so incredibly supersaturated that I fear my truck is going to sink all the way in, and I wont be able to find it in the morning. When I arrived at work this morning, the parking lot was solid ice, and so I had to sort of slide into my parking spot. Now there's something they dont teach you in drivers ed! Well, I never took drivers ed, so I dont know, but you get the point. I decided I wasnt leaving work until at least one, or when the parking lot was halfway decent. I ended up staying until 1:30, and the parking lot could still have doubled for an ice skating rink. Therefore, I spent part of my time there writing something to post when I got home:

I'm writing this in a notebook at work, curled up in my favorite chair in the guest room, watching the snow melt. I refuse to go home today until the parking lot is melted. I told Lou not to be surprised if he found me sleeping in the guest bedroom in the morning when he gets here. Well, if I were going to stay here, I'd stay in the Master bedroom, but that's beside the point. I wish I had brought my camera today- I could get some amazing shots of the snow.

A song was on the radio earlier that started "Weatherman said it might hit 95", which made me really miss summer! I adore sunshine and warmth. I miss laying on my back porch reading. I'm so excited that I will actually get to enjoy this summer- not having to work nights is such a blessing. Take the 4th of July, for example. At Dixie, I'd be working from noon to 10pm, and then two 12-hour days that weekend. Here I will be out by three, plenty of time to go to lunch or barbecue with family or friends, and then celebrate that night. I wont have to miss seeing the horse show at the county fair because of work, and I'll be abel to enjoy going riding late in the afternoon/early evening instead of having to get up at the buttcrack of dawn just to be able to ride without passing out from heat exhaustion. There were days last year that we would return from our rides which we had embarked on at 8am, to find the thermometer by the barn to read 100 to 110 degrees. It would be great to live somewhere that was 70-90 degrees year round, with perhaps one week of cold in the winter with one good snow. That would be fantastic.

I really need to go down to storage once the weather clears up a little bit to find the books for my vet course- I'm falling way behind. Well, I still have an entire year before the deadline to complete it, but I prefer to finish early. Im considering taking a travel agent or wedding planner course, either while I finish this one or after it. I love to plan things, evident by the hours that go into planning my vacations, so either of those would be great. Want to know how obsessive I have become in vacation planning? I now have a 3-ring binder in which I take notes in if there is a program on the Travel channel about somewhere I would like to visit. I'm also adding folders so that I can keep the brochurs and info I recieve in there too. I am the Vacation Queen! (Heh, I just typoed that as Vatican Queen!)

I'm working on an About Me page, but I cant stand the idea of just doing the normal questions on that, so ocme up with some interresting questions you would like for me to answer, and either email them, or leave me a comment. I'm also adding a section listing what I've read so far this year, what I'm in the middle of reading, and books that I'm planning on reading next. There is also a wishlist coming soon of books & movies I want, more for my benifit than yours.

In case you are at all curious, the fabulous Rich is uploading around a million of my vacation photos for me, so those will be up as soon as I can organize them.

So, now that I'm home, Im hoping to put some of my energy towards de-cluttering my half of the house, I cant stand having all this stuff around anymore.

Oh, and Sinatra isnt doing very well, so send some good fishy vibes his way!

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