Monday, February 25, 2002

How long has it been since I've actually written something of substance? I could blame it on the severe lack of anything interresting going on lately, but thats usually when I write the best. I'm off work until the first of the month due to a severe lack of business, and sitting at home all day just feels.. unnatural. I dont feel right unless I'm actually out doing something on a daily basis. At least on the good side, I've gotten some reading and studying done, which reminds me that I need to update the books page soon, since February is nearly over.

I'm working on a new site design, but nothing is coming out quite right. I have the ingredients, but just cant mix them right. I'm going to add a writing page soon with some stuff I've written, really. I never have been good at getting around to that one.

Not going back to dixie this year feels really strange. In a way, I will miss a lot. I will miss a lot of people, I will miss the atmosphere we have there sometimes, I'll miss the good old fashioned dixie gossip. But I wont miss the lack of respect we get, the crappy pay, or the favoritism. Will I ever go back? Maybe. If I can get in the show next year, I may. I dont even know for sure that I want to do that anymore. I think its more that I want to get in than to actually do it every day. I would love to do it two or three days a week, but I dont really think I want to do it every day. I'd love the riding and the dancing, but I know it would just get to me after a while.

There are times I'll miss the ol photo department. I'll miss the old days though, when we had fun at work. I miss the days when Carrie was boss and I looked forward to going to work, and was there almost an hour early every day- the days when we would all go out after work every night, because we all really enjoyed each other's company. The days that I have a million photos documenting, that have slipped away. Now I'm not particularly fond of more than two people there, and the politics have overtaken the experience. The fun is gone, and so am I.

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