Thursday, February 14, 2002

I've got the bug again.

It always happens the same way, you see. I go through that Post-Disney Depression for a few weeks after I get back. Then, I dont really think about it much for the next month. I dont know if thats because I'm all Disney-d out for the time being, or if it helps me not wish I was there every five seconds ;) Well, anyway, a couple of months after I get back, I am ready to go again, and so now, right on schedule (two months to the day after I got back) I am SO ready to go again. Well, at least to start planning again. Of course, all three of my credit cards are still full from the last trip, plus I have Simucon coming up, so I cant go back as soon as Im hoping (Im thinking April, my credit cards are thinking 2012)

I think I'm leaning towards a cruise this time, but I would have to find someone to go with me. What I really wanna do is a 7-day cruise following 3 days at WDW, and then a week or two at WDW a few months later. If only I could get my butt in gear and really start booking some mary kay classes, I could have this paid for in weeks. I really need someone to motivate me and get my butt to work, but I guess I need to learn how to do that myself. Im waiting 30 more minutes on the UPS truck before I call my new customer to schedule a time to get together.

I know Im writing about finances a lot lately. Thats probably because its on my mind so much lately, because I feel so repressed by my lack of money, and my debt. There is so much I want to do that I cant until I get money- everything from cruises and vacations to riding lessons and training for Emmett, to just getting my hair done and paying my cell phone bill so that the number on my business cards actually works. I'm not the kind who needs a ton of money to be happy, I'd just like to be able to get a sandwich from Subway without a trip to the ATM. Plus, I get so much more excited going to work in the morning when I know Im earning money towards something like a vacation, rather than a paycheck I'll never see because it all goes straight to paying bills. I was so excited to put in extra hours before my Disney Trip (until I figured out that working 85 hours a week was making me very sick, but I digress..) knowing that every hour was another dessert at a favorite restaurant, another step towards paying for my room for a night. I had a great chart on my bedroom door where I filled in how much $ I had saved up to pay off my room deposits ($200 every other week when I got paid went to my room deposits for 2 months in a row. It was great!)

The way things are, I would have to work 810 hours just to pay off my credit cards and cell phone bill. I refuse to accept that. On the other hand, thats just 20 average skin care classes, which is about 30 hours. Or, its 115 basic sets. I know a girl who sold 200 in a day.

Perhaps its not time to abandon all hope. Perhaps I shall go call my customer now.

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