Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Mom woke me up at 8:30 this morning with breakfast from McDonalds which I devoured and then promptly fell back asleep: oops! I finally woke up again at 10:30, and dashed to get ready for work. I had to practically build a boat to get there- my driveway was so wet from all the rain that I basically slid out of control all the way to the main road. My windshild wipers danced to their own beat while I listened to Savage Garden, which helped my rotten mood a little bit. When I got to work, Lou was leaving, saying that the cookie truck hadn’t come, so we had another day off. I grumbled a bit, wishing he could have called me and told me not to come in, but took it in stride and went off to Wal-Mart to check out the new betas (None I couldn’t live without). Last night I decided that I would start giving out at least 1 Mary Kay sample attached to a business card a day, that I couldn’t quit until I did. However, I looked like crap this morning, and didn’t want to project that image on my business, so I decided to skip card handing out for now. (I read on the message boards last night that one lady went to Wal-Mart and wouldn’t let herself leave until she had handed out 10 cards. She was there about 5 hours, but it made her finally start talking to people!) I was still in a pretty icky mood, so I went to my favorite local clothing store for some major Shop Therapy.

I found a pair of Polo jeans that looked good on me even though I’m having a very fat day, so I decided that I had to have them. This is one thing clothing designers really need to understand: if we find a pair of jeans that look good even on a fat day, we are going to buy them, even if they are $9832. Add tags that claim the size is actually two sizes smaller than it is (as in you’re wearing a 10, but it says you are wearing a 6!) and we would buy them very quickly. This reminds me of when Kelly and I decided we should go into the wedding dress business. Even if you normally wear a size 6, you’re gonna wear about a 10 in a wedding dress. This is not good: the poor bride already has so much going on and so much stress, and now you’re sticking her with having to try on a size 6, expecting it to fit, and finding it much too small, therefore convincing her that she’s gained weight right before her wedding and and and!! So, yes, our theory is to go into business and be the only wedding designers out there where the sizes have the opposite effect: If you usually wear a 14, surprise! You’re a size 7 now! Normally a 6? Look at that! You’re magically a 3! We think we will be millionaires.

Oh, yes, anyway, sixteen paragraphs back, I found some great jeans. Actually, I also found some very girly pink shirts I decided I couldn’t live without, and a long-sleeved camel color shirt I had to have, and some white sneakers that I actually needed. So, I walked in with a really bad mood, and walked out with $150 of clothes. And they say money cant buy happiness! ;-)

On an entirely different topic, its funny how I start to think of people whose blogs I read as if I know them much better than I do. I just found myself thinking “I wonder how Henry is doing”, the same way you may wonder about a sister or friend you haven’t talked to in a few weeks. Funny stuff, this internet.

Oh, and Tom Cruise is turning 40 in July. This bothers me, mostly because in just 10 years, that means he will be 50. I cant imagine Tom being 50! Then again, I cant imagine me being 30, so I digress.

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