Monday, February 11, 2002

My youngest sister will be here tomorrow and the next day to celebrate her birthday. We're getting old. I'm very excited, because she will be here without her kids and husband, which means I will actually get to spend time with her. I plan to make some chilli, which I think I may be capable of doing with her there to help. Keep your fingers crossed. (Mental note.. buy more insurance for the kitchen) Any recommendations what goes well with chilli for dinner?

I love when I know I have good stuff coming in the mail. Within a week or so, I should be getting my new vet books, as well as my new mary kay catalogs and samples of the new lip products. For some silly reason, its much easier to sell things when you have samples and catalogs. Imagine that, huh?

I miss having Kelly online all the time. Come back, my Kelly, come back!

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