Monday, February 18, 2002

You know, I think Kelly was right when she said that the theme of 2002 seems to be sickness so far- dad had to go to the ER again today, and it seems he has pnemonia again!

I was up until almost 5:30 last night- for some reason I had all the energy in the world and simply didnt want to sleep. I browsed the 7-day cruise info at, and daydreamed about being able to cruise again. I read over the DIS Cruise boards, as well as the regular DIS boards, and found that, to my delight, Nate had posted the second part of his trip report on the Passporter boards. I cant wait for him to get to the days we spent together- I'm looking forward to seeing it through his eyes and being reminded of some of the details I've forgotten.

I can't believe that in Hong Kong, its all the craze these days to eat dishes made from snakes, most of which are skinned alive. Its weird that I saw this on the Travel Channel (on a show I'm watching called Curious World), since it was just on the Croc Hunter last night. Poor snakes. Next thing you know all the snakes will be out of the wild and in the kitchen, and then the rodent population will explode and cause an epidemic, and all the herpatologists will sit back and say "Told ya so." Sadly, I dont think there are enough people in the world who dont view snakes as evil to stop this sort of practice that's so deeply imbedded in their culture. And, now they are starting in on Lizard soup. Why!? Why!? Blah. Also, in a zoo somewhere in China, they sell live baby chicks and ducks for the visitors to toss to the crocodiles-- kinda like feeding the dolphins at Sea World with a gruesome twist. Personally, I'd be buying them and smuggling them out of the zoo in my coat to save their little lives!

Now on this show I'm watching a man play a tune on his clarinet... while his entire body is covered in a swarm of bees. Ooh, a very cool idea- In some city (I keep missing the details here) when you put in a soda can, it sets off a slot machine sort of function, and you can ocacsionally win gift certificates to local shops. Pretty nifty!

In local news, I got a spam email titled "Crystal! Now you have another chance to scratch!" I think that one was better left unopened.

Typo of the Day: They sell the visitors chicks and DUCKS, not chicks and SUCKS.

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