Saturday, March 09, 2002

At times, being around my parents makes me understand why I'm so confused about life, and at the same time, it clarifies a bit why I am the way I am.

(Three minutes ago, in the kitchen, me wrapped in a blanket as if it is a shield protecting me from the world)

Me: What time do you have to be there again?

Mom: 7:05

Me: And you got up at what time?

Mom: 5

Me: Gah, I would have slept till at least 6:30. You're crazy.

(dad enters)

Dad: You know, you should probably leave here by 6:20

(Mom's destination is 5 minutes away)

Mom: 6:20? I dont think I need 35 minutes to get there. I could get to Springfield in that time.

Dad: Well, you know, you have to get out to the car and warm it up, and you never know how the roads are going to be...

Me: (Shakes head, pulls blanket tighter around me, and goes back to bed)

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